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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My 3 favorite Anime , at the moment

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Hi all, its been long time since i post anything anime related, so here is the top 3 favorite anime that i m either currently watching or just finished watching.The main thing about my anime habits is that i watch all kinds of anime, ranging from romance all the way to yaoi. Some i watch it for the artwork, some for the story, and some the oumph and inspirations it gives us in life ,yes even the funny nonsense ones.

We played RPG games and online games all the time and one class that is always amongst the favorite are the mages. Fairy Tail is about a world where magicians are trained and possess powers that help people through taking up job quests from their guilds. Flashy spell casting and a good does of fellowship within the guild FairyTail uses magicians as a medium which u dont really see everyday, with a drop of humour into its character, Fairy Tail is well on its way into the anime hall of fames along its similar counterpart One piece.

"this anime has a wicked medieval sountrack as well, love this so much"

Genre: Mahou,Action,Adventure,Comedy
Episodes available: 81 as of now

No.2- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

If you like mecha anime then u shouldnt miss Gurren Lagann, its a story about evolution of the human heart and brings enough epicness to send u spiraling up the gates of passion. The story centre around a young boy who lives underground with his villagers since birth who accidentally stumbles upon an odd shaped robot head  
which then bring about encounter with people on the surface world and ultimately an adventure of a lifestyle.

"i literally shed manly tears watching this anime"

Genre: Mecha,Action,Adventure
Episodes: 27episodes (completed)

No.1 - One outs-nobody wins but I

A battle of wits, One outs is an anime base on baseball but it not your usual hot blooded anime like Slam Dunk or Eyeshield 21, its more on the mentality of the game, the loopholes , the psychology barriers of player. The main Protagonist Takuchi is a genius in terms of strategy, mentality and mind reading, found a famous batter who recruited him into the team. Takuchi changes the teams fate through his own plots and his battle again the evil and money minded owner. Its the Kaiji of baseball.

"i m up to episode 12 on this anime and i am engaged in the suspense of the games and the strategies that it implies are amazingly accurate."

Genre: Sports
Episode: 26(completed)

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