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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Lantern Corps Party

Got invitation to my first ever Nuffnang event.

Green Lantern Corps Party

My First Group photo with the blogger group^^ picture thx to Isaac
Date: 11 June 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm
Venue: Artista Bar & Restaurant, Tropicana City Mall

Just like the previous screening of super8, was quite excited for this as well, and it didnt disappoint me and they also had a Go green Campaign at the concourse area at the mall.

1.Arrive at about 6.30 sharp, registered myself (no teman again T.T) , they tattoed me

2. Met Tony,Jiayeen,Sher,Cherry and we sat at the same table, Kian Fai a while later

3.Band started to play and people start to arrive. A small quiz was held as well with prizes to be given away, Isaac and Janice arrived as well

4.Took pictures with everyone. and mr Green Lantern himself

5. Dinner was served- triangle shaped Curry puff, Sandwich, Char Kuey Teow, and Friend rice
6.They announce the participants for a go green initiative slogan thing, later on the winner 
as well

7.A group of recycled instrument players came a performed a catchy upbeat performance that got us into the groove.

8.More fun as we were to seek for 9 Rings scattered around the Bar. I found one, got myself a green lattern glow in the dark shirt and a Green Lantern Ring.

9.The band "Lemang" continued with their environment songs as the crowd enjoyed the music and mingled away taking pictures and chatting.

10.Disband and ciao

Pictures taken apologize for the bad quality, hand was shaky as i was excited XD, i guess my girlfriend was right, a camera would be more practical :P.

The Blue sounding band "Lemang"

Some of the participant of the Go Green Initiative

Whats an Artista Bar without art ei?

The Prizes that were available

A little look around

Calling for the participants

The Drumming performance really upbeat and catchy

The meastro(in white) keeping the beat up and in sync

(Dari Kiri)Simon,Tony,Jia Yeen,Kian Fai, and notice the artista logo is green  with black as well

Things i got, Green Lantern Right and Glow in the dark Shirt, a Glow Stick and Tattoo of Green Lantern

I tried to take a picture of the shirt in the dark, but phail(it really glows though)

The Event At The Concourse

Got to meet so many new friends at this event as well \^.^/.

From the eyes of others

Isaac's microscopic viewing
Kian Fai sees all

Thanks to the invitation by Nuffnang Malaysia


Isaac Tan said...

nice to see you again bro :)
Lol, funny the way you tried to take the pic of the t shirt glowing, and came out everything black

benjaminvai said...

nice to see u too. yeap, must be cause its a phone camera.

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