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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bad Ass collector items, A movie carnival and Ikano Power Centre

Its friday and with its hot weather and hui min who came back from Kampar for a visit we decided to go to E@curve mutiara damansara for some hobby item shopping for her cosplay items, as usual we went Ikea, the Curve and Ikano Power Centre as well.

So, here is what attracted me most, its school holiday at the moment, so generally people would promote their toy line up this season and movies would come out and bring the kids to watch like the Kung Fu Panda 2 or hoodwinked too! I happen to meet my friend who i knew a few years back when he was shopping at Anime Tech and he actually got into a field to bring out collector edition movie merchandises, retailing them and collecting them as well.

ToyRebels was the name of the website that he and his colleagues founded and the basically bring in collector items from around the world and show it to the Malaysian society.

"Welcome to - Your best online source for action figures and collectibles!
Toyrebels is an online retail store owned and operated by Jayline Marketing Sdn Bhd (916211-M), a registered private limited company located in Malaysia.
Our goal is to provide you with top-notch customer service while offering options to potentially own exclusive and hard to find items in Malaysia. Some of the ways we try to accomplish our goals are by striving towards:
  • Same Day Shipping: If we receive your order for in-stock items by 11:00am (Malaysian Time) Monday through Friday, your order will ship that same day!
  • Product Guaranteed: We document all our shipping process and share the same with our buyers as proof the items ordered are new or in MINT condition and undamaged during the packing process.
  • Responsive Customer Service: We endeavour to respond to all customer service inquiries within a few hours of receiving your email.
  • Exclusive Product Portfolio: We locate hard to find items and customize our services by offering an exclusive experience to any enthusiast. In doing so, we are providing a conduit to reach products that are normally rare in Malaysia.
The bottom line is, we have a passion for what we do and we hope you will enjoy every shopping experience you have with us."
here are pictures from some of the kick ass items being displayed at the open area at Ikano

Collector meets collector

Yes, this is the actual replica of  the thundercat sword

Authentic viking helmet i assume

They have a facebook as well. chck out the contest

a comic version replica of thor's mighty hammer

Meet the comic version of the green lantern ring

Tony stark really has a heart, this baby cost Rm4500 and its not for sale

hui min having a good time with the sword it weighs about 3-4 kg

An ironman head replica this is rm799 i think

Wolverines adamantium claws. RM 900 

Here's my friend Ian(left) and his colleague and fellow collector

the mini stuff, lego versions and other things  ranging from RM 100-RM 300

The entire display table

They also have other Items and these beauties are authentic and you cant get many of this in Malaysia. If you are a hardcore collector, you could find them out and have a manly discussion of epic proportions.^^

They will be at Ikana Power Centre open area from1-19June, every Friday,Saturday and Sunday, their awesome people. go talk to them and feel one of those items in your own hand.

Their website:ToyRebels

Now now, i m not done yet, next part would be the Movie Carnival 2011 happening at Ikana Power Centre as well, i m just gonna call them IPC now. I am sure many of the Nuffnangers got invited to its launching as well which is on Tuesday 7th June (correct me if i am wrong) and here is a little preview of what you can expect from 1-19th of June 2011. 


Smurfs is in town

The hunter, south east asia's first 3d horror

Some of the promos are located around the IPC but if you ask me, they need to do a more impressive design for it all, it just feels like ure putting up cupboard stand outs at random places, but the main area is ok.

Event: Movie Carnival 2011
Location: Ikano Power Centre (IPC)
Date: 1-19June 2011


Unknown said...

expendables 2? oh noooesss

benjaminvai said...

yeap, memang oh no. haha.

Reanaclaire said... much to see in Ikano.. it is really happening..

Anonymous said...

movie carnival~ last year i worked with them =D

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