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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Babymime production presents : Little Red Riding Hood

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Who is Babymime? (Click Link)

It's a charity event organized by Persatuan Meditasi Prajna KL & Selangor and Drama Art Community Assoaciation KL & Selangor with aims to help certain selected charity organizations and the tickets were sold at RM50 each.

Babymime is a troupe of silent performers blending the arts of miming, hilarious creativity and wonderful showmanship.Babymime Group has gained success both domestically and internationally with their impressive mime performance for over ten years,. The act was performed by Tongkleu Tongtae, Ratchai Rujiwipat, Nattapon Kummeta.

The mix of humor and mind blowing talents shown on the stage live was absolutely delightful, the involvement of the crowd was really awesome as they thought out well how to use the whole theater to their advantage.

You would never thought that a series of sketches would be so entertaining with any dialogues, i went in the hall thinking that it would just be normal entertainment but as soon as the show started i was at their pace the whole time, that one and a half hour just breezed pass without us knowing absolutely sucked in by their miming talents and their ability to involve a full house of people into cheering and clapping. 

They have 2 more shows tomorrow but i am not sure if you could purchase the ticket on the spot tomorrow. It's being shown at the Civic Hall at state, Petaling Jaya.

The pictures are low on quality because they mention that we were not suppose to take picture but i took a few just for the blog post, but during the climax of the show i saw many people taking photos and they seemed fine with it, the spotlight was strong and i didn't manage to figure out how to handle that issue sorry!

The opening act

The main act: Little Red Riding Hood

In B&W

The Closing

Managed to take a picture with them and that's my mom in the stripes.

The Charity Ticket
If you missed them please do bare in mime(LOL!) their troupe name and watch out for their other performances if they come by Malaysia again.


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