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Monday, June 27, 2011

The 12-Hour Atrium Marathon Buffet

*burp* *burp* *burp*
Excuse me for my manners. I just came back from breakfast, brunch, lunch, hightea, teaner, dinner, dinper, supper all in one buffet.

The 12-hour Atrium Marathon Buffet located at the Atrium Cafe at Pyramid Tower Buffet gives me all and more that i could have dreamed. Don't get me wrong it isn't a contest where u gotta keep eating nonstop and stuffing your stomach till it bursts out!

Think of a ticket that allows you to shop with no worries of finding food around Sunway Pyramid mall for the whole day, think an all excess pass to a wide variety of food from 11am-11pm, where u can eat lunch go out and shop then come back for tea and go watch a movie and back for dinner then off to do a little grocery and then back for supper, sounds like a perfect day, no?

The 12-hour Atrium Marathon Buffet is an all access food theme park where you can come in and out of the cafe as you wish for the whole day!.

Wonder how much one can eat the same food in a day? no worries as it's a wide variety of food and a cycle in which they bring out other selections from time to time, and now I would like to introduce some of the food that I enjoyed to much *burp*.

Mango Kerabu Chicken

Beef & Chicken Satay (the kacang sauce is nice)

A little beef rendang anyone?

Creamy Salmon was really nice

Stir fried potato with tomato and onions

Stewed Xiu Pak Choy

Kam Heong Prawn

What a wide spread of fruits

Look at all this cold feast

Salad of all sorts

More salads!

The heated dishes are all here

The soups

The ice cream section

The desserts on the right

Even more food this side

Look at all these cakes

Cheese cakes and puddings

Since it was an invite, we got treated into several challenges and a certain sporty experience as well. More on that right HERE.<-------------

The 12-Hour Atrium Marathon Buffet is available every Sunday and Public Holiday which is just perfect for that long waited family outing!

No worries for food as u go into a shopping frenzy and just come back when you are hungry or need a rest.

It's even suitable for reunions, gatherings or even birthday bashes.

You are the boss on that day and food is always ready for you when you come back and rest!

12-Hour Atrium Marathon Buffet
Sundays & Public Holidays
11.00am to 11.00pm

RM68++ per adult
50% off for children aged 12 years & below 
Terms and conditions applied

PS. i heard there might be a deal coming up as well, let me scout ahead to see if its true ^^.

The Great Great deal is up. Get it now at the link 


Koh Kian Fai said...

hahah u didnt take the photo of porridge :P

benjaminvai said...

actually i did. but it didnt look nice. that wan up to u la ! haha

Caroline said...

U're fast! :D lol! anyway congrats for winning the spicy popiah challenge! ;)

benjaminvai said...

HEHE. thx . if got my pictures don forget wor. haha

Nikel Khor said...

fast fast.. salute

Qi Wen said...

damn, im hungry and so gonna blame you. hahaha XD

benjaminvai said...

haha. yes it is vy nice. mayb we could all go for it

Jessying said...

the popiah so spicy !! u very keng leh ! said...

So much food, so little time :)

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