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Friday, June 3, 2011


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Cosplay, Comic, Anime and Games exhibition (C2AGE) is about introducing the community to the amazing and enticing world of Japanese animation, American comics and a passion for gaming. We are also striving to promote the historically unique Japanese culture. In other words, the Japanese culture has made quite an impact on Malaysian youth.

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2 days i was there and i tell you it was great and tiring at the same time, considering the fact that this is their fifth time and it was done by the HELP university college it is safe to say that they are improving through the experience they gained from past C2AGE.

People were definitely happy and enjoying themselves through the many activities and stalls to visit not to mention having live bands performing anime theme songs much to the delight of their fellow fans, otakus and cosplayers as well.

The event was located at Tropicana City Mall- new pulse of the city, so it was held at the concourse area in the middle and i was very pleased with the location as it was right in the center of the mall and in the middle of the saturday and sunday crowds so it kinda gives a lot of exposure of these events to the people especially with the bands rocking and cosplayers walking around the mall, many parents were shocked but some were quite interested and a few were scared but it really gave us a great chance to show our passion regarding these hobbies.

Previous events were either hidden in the corners of the malls or were too small to make an impact but through perseverance and dedication from the community it has finally arise from its darkened slumber and many people are taking notice of these great hobbies. mother's were bringing 8 year old daughters dressed up in the cutest anime costumes and enjoying the company of each other.

The effort that these cosplayers put on their costume are no small task, be it hand made or bought it took time, money and a HELL lot of passion to make these incredible come to life. Everytime i go to these events , i am captivated to see my favourite characters in front of me walking and enjoying themselves , truly is an art and a perfect way to bond amongst these individuals. 

LOVE TO SEE MORE OF THIS AND I CANT WAIT FOR Comic Fiesta 2011 at KL freaking CC man. its gonna be huge, huge FUN huge excitement. 

till then here are some photos and the links to the complete set and other photos as well. ENJOY!


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