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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Priest 2011


Movie in a glimpse
Set in a post apocalyptic time, long after the wars between vampires and humans subsided, refugees were placed in cities that belong to the church and where the churches words are God’s word, priests were warriors that battle and ensure the victory against the vampires a long time ago, but was stripped of their duties because the council were afraid of their powers, but evil returns and then comes a tale of a hero trying to find his niece.

My talk:
The movie is a adaptation of a Tokyo manga of the same name, its not main stream but many fans knew about it, and in my opinion though the characters and details were done nicely it lacks the pressure and tension of the original manga. The director of the movie did not get into the feel of the manga that would have leveled up the intensity of the film, although the vampires and gadgets were cool and all , the action sequence was a bit blurry and too fast pace for anyone to feel the sense of anxiety a movie like this should have, it could very much well be way better .

Eye Candy
Maggie Q and Lucy Collin did their role well in playing the role of a priestess warrior and a kidnapped girl. Maggie Q has gone a long way from her old films and I m pretty sure we will be seeing her more often in movies to come and as for Lucy Collins, I would prefer her more than Emma Watson simply because she has better depth in character and acting.

Stamped and mailed
Don’t be fooled by the poster or the trailer, it’s not something as cool , it has some dark moments in it but wasn’t executed enough, watching it in the cinema would be a waste. I would recommend , Fast 5Thor, or Paul

Rating: 1/5

Monday, May 16, 2011

a birthday, an unpacking and a movie outing

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well, its safe to say that i have officially finished my studies and back in PJ. it was really saddening to leave that lovely town of kampar. Memories of the past three years flooded me as i went around town for the last night.

Mom came and picked me up early in the morning and we went around taking in local delicacies and a little bit of sight seeing around the Utar campus.

Upon reaching home, we had to get ready for my cousin's daughters first birthday, and my family was being... well... my family . there was catering and the decorations were pretty glamorous for a one year old's birthday, but every child is special in their parents eyes no?

Shermaine's first birthday

The food was themed around western varieties, pasta and steaks were the main course but they threw in fried bee hoon and chicken curry as well to serve those with a more oriental taste preference. i bet baby Shermaine would be in tears when she is grown up enough to understand and see how much love her relatives and friend have for her.

i was not here for baby Alex's birthday though, was a pity but he had a blast as well. ^^

Alex's first birthday

ahhh , the best things about being a baby.

The morning the next day was pretty tiring, i had to unpack my clothes and pile up those that were proved to be too big for ( yes, too big for me).It seems that i have loosen some weight, or so thats what my pants are telling me. After an hour or so of struggling with the clothes, i finally finished the hardest part when doing these things is that sometimes u just don feel like giving those things away, and then i dozed off .

Went dinner with Josh after that, ate outside my house and then we went to one utama to catch Thor, i wouldnt bother to write a review about this since its quite old , u can read one here from a more reliable movie blogger --->Thor by Toninkush, we had sometime to burn before the movie so we went walking around, and i manage to buy 3 shirts for the price of RM 11 accumulatively from fos, and a small sunsilk hair shampoo and conditioner for rm1.50, though i am still not sure what good is three shirts with very similar colors was needed so i just take it as buying one shirt for Rm11 which is still pretty cheap as for the shampoo it was just to get rid of the coins i had in my pocket.

After Thor, Josh had to go to study, and Bernard, Teing, Bird, Lester, Amanda, and Alex met up with me for Paul the movie(Review by me).

after that Lester dropped me back home and now i m still awake and blogging. 


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Movie in a glimpse
Paul is a sci-fi comedy about how two friends ended up with an alien fugitive from the government and helping it get back by reaching its rendezvous point.

My talk:
The movie was fun and entertaining overall with some parts a bit more laugh out loud than others, but there is more to it than just gags after gags, the movie follows a subliminal message along its plot that shows various values of brotherhood and friendship. It’s a comedy about friendship and that’s what it was, some special effects were thrown in and that just gave the movie a little more color.

Stamped and mailed
This movie contains vulgarity that would be funny to certain people but would also be offensive to a lot of people with religious denials and vulgarity in the form of well built sentences, it’s a movie for young adults and above that would understand the humor it adopts and presents.
The movie contains excessive vulgarity and yet it was not censored at all,  watched it at one utama 12.20 am, maybe it was the midnight show or maybe they were just lazy to censor em all

Rating: 2.5/5

*its funny, but its not that funny.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dead or alive

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Just before lunch , I m thinking of this half dead blog. Exam is here , its for graduating , goin back peejay really soon , gonna miss this lovely place . Till I m free ciao

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