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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspirations worth sharing

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Ever had a day that u feel so lifeless and bored? demotivated and uninspired? 
sometimes we do have these days, but i feel that we can all help each other on this.
i started this note thread on facebook in hopes of inspiring others.

and i would love for my fellow friends and readers to share the things that inspire you in life.
your parents, your siblings, that friend you have, that thing you do, that book your read, that site you visit, that job you do.
sharing inspirations and see what other shares. 

its my ideal as a community run by motivating each other knowing that somethings is always worthwhile. 
the passion that everyone has deep within them, a place to share it to people who are watching, people who are listening, people who dont dare to be inspired, i m sure your stories or sentences of virtue would fuel someone's heart out there. so would u give it a try?

here is the link 

so like the group and i want you to let me know what inspires you, so that you will have the wonderful chance of inspiring others.


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