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Friday, February 4, 2011

Shaolin war film

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Movie in a glimpse
Feuds in China to conquest lands burn the very heart of China, wars emerging everywhere. A successful warlord, Hao Jie (Andy Lau) driven by power clouded his heart and betrayed. Finds himself repenting for his sins, after his very own daughter was dead and his wife left him.

My talk:
A martial arts film with yet again another great performance by Andy Lau, this 2 hour plus movie would be a hit on the box office in Malaysia, A story about repenting and cleansing of Buddhism, how ones hatred could not be resolves by just killing each other.

The plot was typical at times with just a little surprise, the action scenes were enough to amuse mostly because of the sound effects.

A martial arts movie for the Chinese New Year, about forgiveness, Buddhism, homecoming and a lot of mix bags of emotions.

Favorite scene:
On and off there were few tiny moments.

Favorite Quote
Master: which is more valuable? The gold or the soil?
Wu dao: gold of course!
Master: but when given a seed?

Rating: 2/5

So many people at one u, 9.30pm, first day of CNY.

This is the second year I m watching a CNY movie with Tony, we should make this a tradition haha, of course everyone else is most welcome to join ^^

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