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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little mind dumping

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Benjamin's mind

Things seem to be piling over each other at the moment, and i m faced with burdens that all seem so unrelated

1. the desire to get an android phone
2. the fact that i m having financial problems on my own
3.the looming deadline of my Final Year Project
4.the fact that graduation is probably gonna be harder than expected
5. assignments seem so tedious. 

Wanting to get an android phone does not mean that i wanna jump on to the bandwagon of the smartphone trend, it is the fact that it is really convenient for me to acquire wan as i m always curious about certain things and those moments happen only for a second and then it withers away.

For example the feeling of wanting to share something interesting i see in front of my eyes. taking a picture and sharing it on the spot is much better den taking its picture and den uploading it when i m free.

There is also the fact that i always wanna look up things that i see around, the informations that i crave for is unlimited and it does not get constricted about one thing, my curiosity is very vast. which i feel is a good thing as it helps practice thinking patterns.

I really need to work, its not really about my lifestyle its just that somehow when u have no income at all, no allowances or whatsoever the money seems to flow away. i need to get a job but maybe its an excuse but i really have no time for it now.  

I don think it counts as saving if u have no money to come in, if i save 500 and have no other money to come in to be used, den what is the purpose of saving it when the rainy day u are experiencing is happening now. 

I have confidence in graduating, but the fact that i have to do this Final Year Project to finish it kind of annoying, its not like doin a Final Year project is bad, but the way we are executing it, isnt fruitful at all there is simply no knowledge or experiences gain enough to be caught in this stressful situation. 

I guess this is again the fault of the Malaysian education system. The students level of professionalism and the amount of passion that one should have is being downgraded and buried. but many efforts and organizations and starting to realize the potential of many youngsters nowadays. 

I think i feel much better now, i guess i just need to put up 5 times the effort to get things back into order. 

sigh, when things don go well, everything starts to look bad.


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