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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great day

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Movie in a glimpse
Great Day tells the story of two Uncles who live in an old folks home. Aggravated by an argument, the two men decided to escape from the old folks home to find their children just to show off whose children is better with the help of Ah Hock and Ultraman. The fun catches in with odd circumstances, a series of heartwarming moments and painful wake up calls ensue.(edited from Gsc sypnosis)

My talk:
Another Malaysia production from the successtion of its predecessor “wu hoo”.I m happy Malaysia is really coming out with movies that show potential.However as much as many are saying how great this movie is and how much money and sales it had but the truth is it still lacks in areas like comedy timings and emotion embracement.

The story itself is based on the “xiao” factor of morality which is to always love and respect ur parents. Honestly I was expecting moments of true emotion breaking pts when I couldn’t hold back my tears but sadly they were really none, although there were heartwarming moments to feel it in ,comedic moments in the movie that were suppose to provide comic relief was somewhat unnecessary, some were good to provide a few giggles but others was just annoying.

Another thing u should noe is the repetition of product and sponsor placements both in the script and the props. It was all so obvious and right in front of ur face obvious.

Favorite scene
The part where his son reluctantly followed him to the market and den end up enjoying his time.

Stamped and mailed
A movie that did not reach its full potential, it didn’t deliver too well but is able to reach most of its target audiences minimal emotional requirements , not some that will abuse the tear glands but the message was clear just not as impactful and the ending twist was too predictable and it felt like they rush the ending.

A local feel good movie for the Chinese new year.I look forward to more genre of local films being produce and a more thorough plot and planning to deliver.

Rating: 1.5/5

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