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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A funeral, and a Chinese new year.

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R.I.P. grandpa.

My grandfather, Mr. Foo Don Tig passed away 29th Jan 5.05 am, he was hospitalized because he was getting weaker due to the cancer in his abdomen areas spreading . i was with him the whole time reassuring him that everything is fine and he should not worry about the rest of us, he couldnt speak anymore and could onli nod or answer with a loud yelp, on the moment of his passing i told him to rest easy and he fell asleep and went away peacefully and quickly, not a single pain was felt .
sometimes we just gotta embrace death because it is indeed a way of life. even as tears clouded my vision, i was grateful that grandpa wasnt in pain when he left. and seeing his peaceful face was the best consolation we needed.I m glad i rushed back and got to spend sometime with him.

Chinese New Year

Following chinese customs, my family were to NOT celebrate CNY this year however it also showed that CNY is about reunion and a time of new resolutions as all that matters is we are together and happy, so it didnt matter dat we didnt have the red ang pows and the tuk tuk chiangs of a noisy CNY, we still had each other to eat dinner.

and as a ending note to another sad but blissful lunar year,

Happy Chinese New Year


Rest in Peace grandpa.

we will always remember you in our hearts

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_VeL_ said...

May he rest in peace. Don't sad la kay.

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