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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A movie for the living- It's kind of a funny story

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Movie in a glimpse
It's Kind of a Funny Story is a 2010 comedy drama film directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. The screenplay was adapted by Boden and Fleck from Ned Vizzini's 2006 novel of the same name. The film stars Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts and Viola Davis. It was released in the United States on October 8, 2010.. however I have not noticed it being released in Malaysia as to date(someone cross check tis for me?)

My talk:
The movie in general is a drama with funny twists that often questions the word of life. What it is to different people, how certain pressure can hurt you but not anyone else, and how depression affects different people. Personally, I really liked this movie and would read the novel it was based on if I ever had the time.
I could not give a fair comment on this movie at its very subjective as to how people perceive it, I do recommend it to everyone all around for this fascinating and inspiring tale of a depressed teenage boy.

Hidden agendas:
There are some meanings in the film which I found quite relatable for me as how it shows that in the world today its not only the high profiles job that are the only choices in life, sometimes u just got to do what you really want.*high 5* if u get what I meant

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I sincerely recommend this film to everyone and even though there wasn’t much amazement in its script writing cause it was based on the novel but kudos for making this film and the way it was presented.

Rating: 3.5/5

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little mind dumping

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Benjamin's mind

Things seem to be piling over each other at the moment, and i m faced with burdens that all seem so unrelated

1. the desire to get an android phone
2. the fact that i m having financial problems on my own
3.the looming deadline of my Final Year Project
4.the fact that graduation is probably gonna be harder than expected
5. assignments seem so tedious. 

Wanting to get an android phone does not mean that i wanna jump on to the bandwagon of the smartphone trend, it is the fact that it is really convenient for me to acquire wan as i m always curious about certain things and those moments happen only for a second and then it withers away.

For example the feeling of wanting to share something interesting i see in front of my eyes. taking a picture and sharing it on the spot is much better den taking its picture and den uploading it when i m free.

There is also the fact that i always wanna look up things that i see around, the informations that i crave for is unlimited and it does not get constricted about one thing, my curiosity is very vast. which i feel is a good thing as it helps practice thinking patterns.

I really need to work, its not really about my lifestyle its just that somehow when u have no income at all, no allowances or whatsoever the money seems to flow away. i need to get a job but maybe its an excuse but i really have no time for it now.  

I don think it counts as saving if u have no money to come in, if i save 500 and have no other money to come in to be used, den what is the purpose of saving it when the rainy day u are experiencing is happening now. 

I have confidence in graduating, but the fact that i have to do this Final Year Project to finish it kind of annoying, its not like doin a Final Year project is bad, but the way we are executing it, isnt fruitful at all there is simply no knowledge or experiences gain enough to be caught in this stressful situation. 

I guess this is again the fault of the Malaysian education system. The students level of professionalism and the amount of passion that one should have is being downgraded and buried. but many efforts and organizations and starting to realize the potential of many youngsters nowadays. 

I think i feel much better now, i guess i just need to put up 5 times the effort to get things back into order. 

sigh, when things don go well, everything starts to look bad.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great day

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Movie in a glimpse
Great Day tells the story of two Uncles who live in an old folks home. Aggravated by an argument, the two men decided to escape from the old folks home to find their children just to show off whose children is better with the help of Ah Hock and Ultraman. The fun catches in with odd circumstances, a series of heartwarming moments and painful wake up calls ensue.(edited from Gsc sypnosis)

My talk:
Another Malaysia production from the successtion of its predecessor “wu hoo”.I m happy Malaysia is really coming out with movies that show potential.However as much as many are saying how great this movie is and how much money and sales it had but the truth is it still lacks in areas like comedy timings and emotion embracement.

The story itself is based on the “xiao” factor of morality which is to always love and respect ur parents. Honestly I was expecting moments of true emotion breaking pts when I couldn’t hold back my tears but sadly they were really none, although there were heartwarming moments to feel it in ,comedic moments in the movie that were suppose to provide comic relief was somewhat unnecessary, some were good to provide a few giggles but others was just annoying.

Another thing u should noe is the repetition of product and sponsor placements both in the script and the props. It was all so obvious and right in front of ur face obvious.

Favorite scene
The part where his son reluctantly followed him to the market and den end up enjoying his time.

Stamped and mailed
A movie that did not reach its full potential, it didn’t deliver too well but is able to reach most of its target audiences minimal emotional requirements , not some that will abuse the tear glands but the message was clear just not as impactful and the ending twist was too predictable and it felt like they rush the ending.

A local feel good movie for the Chinese new year.I look forward to more genre of local films being produce and a more thorough plot and planning to deliver.

Rating: 1.5/5

Friday, February 4, 2011

Shaolin war film

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Movie in a glimpse
Feuds in China to conquest lands burn the very heart of China, wars emerging everywhere. A successful warlord, Hao Jie (Andy Lau) driven by power clouded his heart and betrayed. Finds himself repenting for his sins, after his very own daughter was dead and his wife left him.

My talk:
A martial arts film with yet again another great performance by Andy Lau, this 2 hour plus movie would be a hit on the box office in Malaysia, A story about repenting and cleansing of Buddhism, how ones hatred could not be resolves by just killing each other.

The plot was typical at times with just a little surprise, the action scenes were enough to amuse mostly because of the sound effects.

A martial arts movie for the Chinese New Year, about forgiveness, Buddhism, homecoming and a lot of mix bags of emotions.

Favorite scene:
On and off there were few tiny moments.

Favorite Quote
Master: which is more valuable? The gold or the soil?
Wu dao: gold of course!
Master: but when given a seed?

Rating: 2/5

So many people at one u, 9.30pm, first day of CNY.

This is the second year I m watching a CNY movie with Tony, we should make this a tradition haha, of course everyone else is most welcome to join ^^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A funeral, and a Chinese new year.

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R.I.P. grandpa.

My grandfather, Mr. Foo Don Tig passed away 29th Jan 5.05 am, he was hospitalized because he was getting weaker due to the cancer in his abdomen areas spreading . i was with him the whole time reassuring him that everything is fine and he should not worry about the rest of us, he couldnt speak anymore and could onli nod or answer with a loud yelp, on the moment of his passing i told him to rest easy and he fell asleep and went away peacefully and quickly, not a single pain was felt .
sometimes we just gotta embrace death because it is indeed a way of life. even as tears clouded my vision, i was grateful that grandpa wasnt in pain when he left. and seeing his peaceful face was the best consolation we needed.I m glad i rushed back and got to spend sometime with him.

Chinese New Year

Following chinese customs, my family were to NOT celebrate CNY this year however it also showed that CNY is about reunion and a time of new resolutions as all that matters is we are together and happy, so it didnt matter dat we didnt have the red ang pows and the tuk tuk chiangs of a noisy CNY, we still had each other to eat dinner.

and as a ending note to another sad but blissful lunar year,

Happy Chinese New Year


Rest in Peace grandpa.

we will always remember you in our hearts

Bersih 3.0 and I

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