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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gulliver's travel 2010

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Movie in a glimpse
Lemuel Gulliver(Jack Black) a mailroom operator for ten years in a magazine company took a step closer to his crush at the editorial department when pushed by the fact that nothing could get worst in his slacker and scared to take another step life finds himself travelling to the bermuda triangle for a article on its tourism values. Swept away in a storm Gulliver finds himself on an island of tiny tiny people, Liliput , a series of incidents and courageous act followed.

My talk:
Forgive me about the tendency of cutting my synopsis short up there, the truth is after the first paragraph even you already expected what would have happened.
Such predictability is very common in today’s plot and Jack Black is very well in the black hole of such plots, being an comedic actor in various other movies has put Jack in a comfort where he still plays the same character over and over again, a good for nothing turn in to a not so good for nothing man. (no hero here guys).

The movie provides a bit of a cg setting with the waves u see in the trailer but gives less than a handful of jokes and laughs, I have been fighting with myself as to how I would at least find some good sense in the movie but none was found absolutely none. It was so lame that it didn’t even offer a laugh to me for being lame.

Overused clich├ęs like putting out fire with your wee wee when u are big enough to do so and crap like dat, here might be a few puns in the movie but I couldn’t recall it even though I did laugh at some part.

The most disturbing and annoying part of the movie was the huge amount of product placement in it, Apple Iphone being the most repulsive one.And the ending of the movie totally annoyed me.

Favorite scene:
Spoiler Alert
Lemuel hits pause on his guitar hero on the island

Favorite Quote:
Spoiler Alert
Lemuel: i am also known as awesome? (vaguely remember)

Stamped and mailed:
Find yourself to be utterly disappointed after watching it, but you are able to find amusing then u are one of the very lucky few and u should watch more movies.

Jack Black needs an exit strategy fast.

Rating : 1/5

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