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Thursday, December 2, 2010

you feel what u wan yourself to feel.


"when i was studying at Puay Chai, i thought secondary school will be better; when i was studying at Abdul Samad, i thought college will be better; The fact is: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is the worst education institute i have experienced so far!"

the above statement was quoted by some one who was not very close to me, it was his facebook statement.

it pissed me off really, and that mood woke me when i just went for a midnight loo.

sometimes u gotta wonder why, this guy went to the same primary secondary and tertiary education as i did and yet i love every bit and parts of it, but to him its like total bull shit. 

school sucked for him from primary till now, i gotta wonder why is he still studying?

here is my primary photo, if u can spot let me know. ^^ , primary school for me was chubby, lol i was always eating and talking, the infamous"chi ca gong" of the school in fact, i was always called in by the teacher and mom always come school wan. kena screwed to the max , got punishment and caning still didnt change much but i still miss it, i love my days then. my friends, my teachers who caned me and scolded me, i still miss them , i miss those days ^^ fond memories.

the great secondary days, this is a picture of our class back in 2005, 5Bakti, it was a candid shot for the school magazine and it feel really warm, back then i was a rascal, a bloody celaka punyer budak, always skipping classes to play basketball and stuff ^^ , i had the greatest bunch of friends back den, still are my best buds now. we studied, played and eat together most of the time. not the whole class but the few that people nowadays would still noe we are still close. awesome days.

and now comes my Uni life, probably the biggest step in my life was to take advertising as my major, when i took it seem fun and not as boring as others, den as time pass by, i realize it was the coolest most awesome thing for me ever, this is the picture for our graduation album and this is my class. I met diff people here whom i trust and care dearly, best buds who are always here for that lonely yum cha nights. it was when i became truly awesome, and now i m ready for the awesome industry that i m going to take on.Mind u i was in kampar the whole time i love the times i have spent here till the length that i feel like i m a part of it.

You see, i went through my education system levels with cheerful happy memories, i messed up a lot. i got called to the principal when i was 8, i screwed up my SPM with only one A, i didnt get into a local Universiti after form 6. I didnt do so well in one or two subjects for my Uni, but the thing is i made a good life out of it by taking the tough times i have into a great experience and enjoy time, i have come to the time which i could laugh at all the unpleasant things that happen before . and the most important thing of it , is to stop whining bout incomplete systems, lousy managements, or other things in life and start to make the best of it.

i think we are all responsible for how we see our lives and how we become, and if u still wanna whine and complain al the time, have it your way ^^

and also i miss hui min =(



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