Living it day by day.



Friday, December 31, 2010


i fell asleep just now, i had a dream.

it was kinda fuzzy, i recalled it being my secondary days.
we were just chilling, and den it kinda moved on to me sitting on a lazy chair
staring up at the ceiling. and then i woke up, in the darkness of the room, and half asleep
i went on a mind trip based on my thoughts, i imagined life , so real.

and den i broke out of that state of trance.
its the last day of the year, even though i felt no significant changes .
but something inside me changed. i feel like i m never doing enuf.
i gotta find out what is stopping me from doing things my heart desire

enuf of new year onli wish is for a smoother future for the people around me and of course



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