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Saturday, January 1, 2011

notatipsy teing!a new year, the same stuff

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tis is basically a "i m not drunk post" to show that i aint tipsy to teing (bernard's guardian force)

had a bit more den my usual dose of booze, but i was ok surprisingly.

new years eve was same old. just chilling for the night and wishing a happy new year to close friends and loved ones.

though things were to be different, somethings as i have anticipated will always be the same.

no matter how fast time flies i will always be joked at for the few reasons as ten years ago, up until now.

and the few friends i have would probably be the friends who will attend my funeral

so yea. its a great new year !

"living a life isnt always that good, its always the little moments that make u smile that counts"-taipau

1 comment :

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