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Monday, December 6, 2010

goals in life

was talking to a friend yesterday, he failed three subjects on his first semester he was doin business management, so i asked him why he took that subject and he gave me the answer that many would answer nowadays

"cause i didnt noe wat else to study"

i think malaysia screwed up our youths nowadays.the education recognition standard is all based on academic results, and it was there for so long , heck even i was a part tis stupid system and now my brother is too, i think i say for all when i say we are fighting a losing battle against the so called ministry of education. i m not going into a political issue here now. i m just saying we really need to help our juniors to settle their life properly, i was the same as them last time as well. clueless of wat to do. but i knew going into uni meant oni one thing.

the oppurtunity to choose wat i wanted to do and do it.

so i think 50% of the students didnt see that as an oppurtunity. if u like wat ure doin den go ahead,

hui min is doin biotech and i m supporting her all the way" u go girl"

bernard graduated his engineering thing "good for him"

teing and hwey did their mass comm thing in aussie and came back "good job guys"

brian finished his stuff and now is doin some estate thing and oso got a PR in australia " nice kan?"

Pei chuen and wayne are happily togethere and studying nicely over at australia as well "happy for u guys since form 3 ^^"

Joshua is doin fine with his degree in business and we will be graduating at the same time.

tony is currently and probably the head of wat ever department he is in" he is multitasking " working near his home.with a famous little name in the twitspaces and bloggersphere

and i m totally awesome in my advertising degree.

the whole truth is if ure gonna study might as well give it a good long thought of wat u wan do later on in life.

"when u think about your future in life, don think of getting a job only, consider it as a career cause thats wat its called when u think of the future . a job and career is different. think about it."

people need to start realizing that the degree is just apiece of paper and it onli goes as far as getting u that interview. Its during that interview is where ur company sees ur worth and let me tell u this , whether ure hired or not doesnt rely on what godly results u got during ur whole academic life . its based on one simple word.

A- Attitude
-the passion and commitment that u have is what companies are looking, u can be a the pro in that field but if u gots the attitude problem then u wont be able to work 100% and no one would see u as 100%

-the techniques that u come along with, if its accountants it could be ur ability to use the ledger perfectly, or an art director is his or her photoshop or illustrator skills. all which is able to be polished when ure working

-with google nowadays its easier to get knowledge den to find food, seriously but its always good to have knowledge not just in ur field but in other sectors as well

but if u take a closer look at A.S.K. , skills and knowledge would not be around if u didnt have the right attitude, for example if ure a lazy bum, or not passion driven at all the chances are is that u wont be able to polish ur skills in ur respective fields perfectly and u wont be looking out for more knowledge as well.

so attitude is always important.

now,would u be colleagues with
a) a passionate and hardworking cheerful co-worker who might not be good at some programs or system but is always trying vy hard to learn and master anything that is thrown at him
b) someone who is consider pro in the related sector but doesnt work well with people because he/she is always complaining about managements and that everyone else is incompetant compared to him eventhough he gets the job done same as the colleague A

easy to choose right? two different attitudes. which would would u have.

so even though u might be graduating soon, or deciding a course its still not too later to find something that u think is worthwhile doin, if ure still thinking that u cant find it. den chances are is that ure in the wrong circle of friends .not asking u to leave ur friends la. just saying find something else to do, meet more different people and try to engage in wat they are doin and see if it lights u up. ^^



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