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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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its drizzling raindrops outside that cold and dark sky.

every drops crashes on to the earth like a knife stabbing thru me.

i find it most amusing for me to be smirking as i write tis yet another post.

this time, i feel like rain.

i evaporated into the clouds far above the tainted earth, as i reach the top i m joined together to form a great white cloud. cloud 9, a sense of fulfillment and excitement as i m rushed with great passion, but then a sound of thunder heard cackling through the other clouds. i look at myself turning dark, from my toes to my hair, and den my hair flew straight up, its as if i was..........falling ..

i could see the blue sky no more,a grey blur in front of me as the wind gushed into my face and my jaw dropped mouth. and in an instant. i was back here, back to earth. in a puddle of street mud.


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