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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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status:in massive debt.

solution:still in the process of development

possible option: death

i wanna do so many things, but yet i couldn't, its not all about the money, even if i did have it , i still wouldn't be able to do the things i wanna do. the reason to that question of why is pretty simple

i m chained to myself.Chained to hard cold earth.I literally dug a hole so deep to the core of the earth and chained my self in it. closed in darkness and in shame.

what am i to do about it? is there always a solution to the things i have encountered? to the problems i m facing?
would there be anyone to help? would someone save me?

would i even try to save myself?

is my life worth saving?

would i not be tainted with sins i have done?


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