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Saturday, November 13, 2010

a daily hassle, goes wrong

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u sat there eyes watery and yawning, facts after facts pouring into brain.
Its so repetitive it makes u wanna scream
u sweat you know u have to go on, u need learn from it all.

A class room full of eager students waiting to see what they have coming to them
but a sense of disappointment showers you.
u sweat. its sticky, ur hearts beat fast. we dunno what to do.

questions were blasted here and there, remarks that hurt and some that pains
an urge to give up rises, u suck it in
u sweat, it starts to get humid and then its over.

getting dirty and smelly after a long day at work? sports? classes?
den remove those sweat and stress away .
secret garden body wash well give u the relaxing scent u need to welcome u home.

"A smell that says welcome back "

today was eventful and grueling. but its all good. we manage to survive and i think most of us undergone a certain chg. so keep up the work guys ^^


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