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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day full of events. (Yellue!)

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Moving on to our next campaign, the Yellue! campaign. a mixture of the colours yellow and blue makes up the word Yellue and the colour green. easy to understand right. somewhat catchy as well.

BAsd on the concept of sharing and experiencing environmental friendly activities. the yellue! campaigns brings in a more active feel towards the green fighter approach , ranging from the recycled costume designs, to the Yellue treasure hunt and even video and blogging competition as well.

Kick started at 9am. the event rocked on for 3 and a half hours with performances by our very own Utar band Bani and friends alongside with various video presentations and prize giving ceremony.

The event was able to generate a healthy awareness and implemented a social responsibility mind set into the students of Utar kampar as well as its managements.


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