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Thursday, November 18, 2010

epicness is at foot

from here on out. would be my legacy, as a youth , as a copywriter , as a human that would make a change in his own epic way. awesomeness


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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its drizzling raindrops outside that cold and dark sky.

every drops crashes on to the earth like a knife stabbing thru me.

i find it most amusing for me to be smirking as i write tis yet another post.

this time, i feel like rain.

i evaporated into the clouds far above the tainted earth, as i reach the top i m joined together to form a great white cloud. cloud 9, a sense of fulfillment and excitement as i m rushed with great passion, but then a sound of thunder heard cackling through the other clouds. i look at myself turning dark, from my toes to my hair, and den my hair flew straight up, its as if i was..........falling ..

i could see the blue sky no more,a grey blur in front of me as the wind gushed into my face and my jaw dropped mouth. and in an instant. i was back here, back to earth. in a puddle of street mud.



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status:in massive debt.

solution:still in the process of development

possible option: death

i wanna do so many things, but yet i couldn't, its not all about the money, even if i did have it , i still wouldn't be able to do the things i wanna do. the reason to that question of why is pretty simple

i m chained to myself.Chained to hard cold earth.I literally dug a hole so deep to the core of the earth and chained my self in it. closed in darkness and in shame.

what am i to do about it? is there always a solution to the things i have encountered? to the problems i m facing?
would there be anyone to help? would someone save me?

would i even try to save myself?

is my life worth saving?

would i not be tainted with sins i have done?



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passion is not shared by others, it is for you and your heart only, not one person in the world would have the same passion as you, only similar but never one is identical

being passionate about something goes a long long way.

if ur passion is fishing, some people who share the same passion with you might not join you in fishing for giant sharks at the northpole., it just goes to show not one guy in the world is gonna like the hobbies u like the same way/

like a swaying tree

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Like a swaying tree
strong and sturdy, it sweeps from left to right
the leaves drops and soon new ones come

Like a swaying tree
standing alone, the eyes of the hawk watches
a dark hole in its trunk

Like a swaying tree
the pecking of young-lings within that hole
swap pop crackle and chirp

Like a swaying tree
soon to die, yet standing tall
it drops yet another broken branch

Like a swaying tree
no one cares, no one listens
its drying, yet there is no water

Like a swaying tree
full of worms, and all sorts of bugs
stay away from that tree, its beyond help-mommy says

Like a swaying tree
leaves fall and branches break.
soon it is but onli a trunk. not a tree. but a thick wood on the ground


Saturday, November 13, 2010

a daily hassle, goes wrong

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u sat there eyes watery and yawning, facts after facts pouring into brain.
Its so repetitive it makes u wanna scream
u sweat you know u have to go on, u need learn from it all.

A class room full of eager students waiting to see what they have coming to them
but a sense of disappointment showers you.
u sweat. its sticky, ur hearts beat fast. we dunno what to do.

questions were blasted here and there, remarks that hurt and some that pains
an urge to give up rises, u suck it in
u sweat, it starts to get humid and then its over.

getting dirty and smelly after a long day at work? sports? classes?
den remove those sweat and stress away .
secret garden body wash well give u the relaxing scent u need to welcome u home.

"A smell that says welcome back "

today was eventful and grueling. but its all good. we manage to survive and i think most of us undergone a certain chg. so keep up the work guys ^^


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scott Pilgrimm Vs the World. yes i loved it

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Movie in a glimpse
Scott Pilgrimm(micheal cera) part time bassist for his band aiming big “sex-bob-omb, dating a girl 5 years his junior and being seemingly lost finds himself in a world of endless crazy fights for a girl whom he met in his dreams. And now he must defeat her 7 evil exes to have the rights to be with her.  

A day full of events. (Yellue!)

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Moving on to our next campaign, the Yellue! campaign. a mixture of the colours yellow and blue makes up the word Yellue and the colour green. easy to understand right. somewhat catchy as well.

BAsd on the concept of sharing and experiencing environmental friendly activities. the yellue! campaigns brings in a more active feel towards the green fighter approach , ranging from the recycled costume designs, to the Yellue treasure hunt and even video and blogging competition as well.

Kick started at 9am. the event rocked on for 3 and a half hours with performances by our very own Utar band Bani and friends alongside with various video presentations and prize giving ceremony.

The event was able to generate a healthy awareness and implemented a social responsibility mind set into the students of Utar kampar as well as its managements.


A day full of events. (The Flame)

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Its wednesday , and it was the launching of two Student campaigns The flame and Yellue! campaign.

The Flame focuses on youth activity lifestyles and health

Among the things that were organized during The Flame campaign was paintball, giant board games , various health talks and health checks, much to the delight of the students. Everyone was pretty interested with the activities provided especially the health check areas.

The event was organized by final year pr students as part of their 40% assignments.The flame focused on giving youth an active guide to a healthy lifestyle, the talks were received with much praised as they were educational and the health checks drew much interest from students all around campus

*below are some pics i took of the event. i couldnt line them up properly so u have to bare with the blank spaces*


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