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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wall Street Money never sleeps

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Movie in a glimpse
Following where its first movie Wall Street (1987) left off, the first’s main character Gordon Gecko (Micheal Douglas) was released from prison into the world now where anything goes in its economical state, Jacob (Shia LaBeouf) a young ambitious man of the investments area belonging to Wall Street who incidentally is dating the daughter of gecko. The story takes part in the modern times where a single economic meltdown turns companies down to dust in seconds, fear and anxiety spreads when rumors are out causing a panic every now and then, Jacob will be seeing these things happen through the whole thing as part of his life and how devastating some can affect the people around him as well as he himself.

My talk:
The movie is very complicated to me, not the feeling nor the plot or the dialogues but my own intuition are having a parliament debate over whether it was good or not. It serves its purpose as a movie of that industry well, giving a good hindsight of how the economic is like, but the script felt a bit hong kong serial drama at the end. I would not elaborate on that spoiler part. The movie was never intended for all people only certain people (read further on for a breakdown of audience)

Best parts:
Quote-“humans are a mixed bag (of things), right now I just wanna be a father.

Stamped and mailed
A movie that is good to watch for those of interest and open to a different part of the world, but will prove boring to some.

The part that i find amusing

This time, it’s the audience, after the movie while looking around and hearing voices throughout the show I concluded on some type of audience who would give certain feedbacks

Type A
These audiences rate a movie based on its dialogues and sophistication of the movie script or the structure of the plot. They would like to think a movie full of talking such as this is a very in depth and good movie not knowing what the hell it was about.(usually caused by stupid “it’s was awesome” status updates on facebook)they don’t want to be left out u know?

Model speech after the movie-“ I think the movie was  very deep and inspiring, quite a lot of meanings in it man(without getting any) the dialogues were pretty smart aye?(yea sure buddy)

Type B
A group who are what some people will call action jocks, no explosion in the movie=no dam fun.

Model speech after the movie-“that was the most boring film I have seen in a while man”

Type C
Or I should call it the confused one, these people are honest in a way, not knowing what’s the hype of it all and the lack of  a better film at that time, usually accompanying a friend, feels clueless and dumb. They DO try hard to catch the film in context though

Model speech after the movie-“mmmm, yea”

Type D
People who are actually interest in the film , or any other movie. they analyze the movie more den others while knowing what they are actually doing.

Model speech after the movie-“not bad the film, but it could have been better if…..”

But sometimes thanks to peer pressure type Bs and type As are often confused over the hardcore lame stupid status updates and overly positive reviews on blogs that the see that they feel if they didn’t like the movie the world would kill them.


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