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Thursday, October 28, 2010

so lets talk about smoking.

why tis came up? well today was the presentation of one of the groups in my class on the "tak nak " campaign in Malaysia. the strategy it took and its process and effectiveness.

well many might say it wasnt effective. well. lets see . the "tak nak" campaign started 2005. that was 5 years ago. and since then it has become a very common slang or word to use. "tak nak"

the campaign was able to build community awareness BUT only to those who don smoke.those who smoked simply don care. the risk of smoking didnt affect them at all, because they couldnt stop even though majority claimed that it was their freedom to do so. i for one say there is no freedom in committing a slow death.

lets take a look at a family ad back then

the whole concept of this was that if u smoke u get yellow teeth.

why it failed was simply, smokers don care much about their teeth. and for those who do---> 

it helped these guys up their sales. 

so later on the government decided they need to work on this. so they decided on the budgets to raise cigarette prices.

now its rm 10 for a pack. which in my opinion is still too cheap. because its a less den rm1 increase from the price before. thats not an effort, thats just for show. 

also not forgetting the gore pics on the boxes

yup these guys helped a bit.just a bit

why it didnt work? because smokers think their immortal and it wont happen to them , even if they cough blood, they drink syrup ice and just blame the red phlegm on the about major denial

and then came 2010. which is the highlight of this blog. the ad that had much of an impact.i would not say much. just watch it. and friends. yes all my friends. please don break my heart as well. 

did u feel its impact?

most of my friends are smokers back in pj, and some smoked since form 4, i m proud to say i m not one of them and i have nv even have the intention to try it out, but it is also to my own fault to have not stop them from doin so. i do hope they will come to their sense soon enough. sigh.

well, smokers. stop smoking la.



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