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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Retired:Extremely Dangerous

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Movie in a glimpse
Former Black ops operative Frank Moses(Bruce Willis) retired and a bit lonely finds himself getting attacked in his own room by the CIA, out to find out why he is being targeted after his retirement he goes on a road trip around America meeting old friends along to way to kick ass.

My talk:
Seen from the trailer, its main pull would be these old action stars or just old people getting into a movie together each with their own star studded performance back then and in this movie as well. When many people might not known them for their performances in the past besides Willis, this movie has what it takes for these guys(old) to show you kids what acting is about.

However, as this show is not shown in Malaysia yet, I got a sneak premiere from a torrent seed I guess, so how did it go? Lets jut say it aint that GOOD., the casting was great no doubt, but the story and execution wasn’t that clear cut .It went from fast paced to slow crawl and den back to fast pace again, and these happen DURING the action scenes.

Now we all know that action comedy is kind of a thing now , like other guys and the A team, the expendables( yes it’s a comedy in my opinion) but this show being rated a comedy couldn’t fit it if it weren’t for the cast being these legendary guys. Malkovich did most of the chemistry in this movie.

But the jokes were stale, just a lil laugh actually. So don expect too much

Favorite parts:
It was all in the trailer for me actually. The cop car side step and the RPG bullet show down.

Favorite Quote
Marvin:I thought the secret services were tougher back then
Victoria: I thought so too.*smirk*

Stamped and mailed
A movie made for mostly the 80s and below, people who understood these veterans past performances would find it amusing to watch.

The part that i find amusing

Being a retiree themes movie, I like how these veteran characters keep contrasting how things were back den and now.
Rating: 1.5/5


1 comment :

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