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Thursday, October 14, 2010

KL weekend pt 2

Nike 10K run.

its not 10,000 km alright, its just 10 thousand people running along, divided into two categories, 10km and 5 km. the event was held at KLCC park(or somewhere nearby, and running through the cityscapes,hence the slogan "we run KL"

its organize by nike of course, and they needed volunteers to help out during the event. So Pang chong and farn feng signed up along with me and we met at the LRT and journeyed to the venue together with pang chong's friend an yong and met his other friend pei shuang at the ampang park station, den we walked a bit like 1km to the venue, when we reached there were probably about 100 volunteers already there so we registered and took our supper and chatted till we were updated with our jobs.

later on in the morning bout 3 am, the head o9f man power explained to us the whole event and things that we should do. Our job was road marshall, basically to ensure the runners are ok and fit to run. in case they needed help we are  the ones there. we covered the last 2km of the stretch so u could see who is gonna win and those that are almost dead walking past , but we cheered them on and those words gave them the strength to finish the last leg. thats part of our job too i guess.well, mayb part of being a human being helping and encouraging each other.

after the event ended and we picked up our allowance , they were all too tired to go anywhere anymore we walked to the lrt and were on our way home.

it was a fun experience and we got to noe some people there,sometimes people arent cut out to be sociable but if u are the sociable one that we should always be try to open them up. like my friends back here in PJ , they are the passive ones i guess till u go ahead and appraoch them like tony and josh and bernard as well. haha . oops.

anyway, i think i would like to brighten up my life even more with things like these

comic fiesta 2010 dec anyone?

ps: one thing that i always miss out is the chance to take photos of memories, ahah thats why u should always have a photographer(no need professional la, u noe wat i mean) to take it for u, these people are the keyholder to your fond memories. i need one man, we all do. haha


(pictures will be out later times, but there are onli a few so i might not put them up at all. )


hui min said...
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hui min said...

HAHHAHA~ your photographer is at home sleeping while you're running around~

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