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Monday, October 11, 2010

KL weekend pt 1

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Saturday 7am, 09/10/2010

at tis point starts a pretty busy weekend for me, goin out for a LRT KL trip with steph(it was her idea btw)

not a big fan of KL though, not used to the human congestions and the fumes that are easily found everywhere,but thought i would take steph on a nice date anyway. we started at kelana jaya at 9am++, took Lrt to Kl sentral den moved on to the monorail to Jalan imbi, when we reached time square just started its business hours, immediately dear lovely steph went on a hysterical frenzy, shops after shops . i took my time exploring around while hse was in those cheap cheap shops dat sell cheap cheap clothes.tis is like mayb the 4th time i been here, it nv fails to amaze me about its height and its jumbled up shop categories, unlike one u or pyramid, time square is like an air conditioned pasar malam, with sales such as store wide RM 10 unfortunately the sizes for me are un available .

after a few hours of loitering and eating, we moved across the street to the infamous SG wang plaza, we went from floor to floor looking for things that might spark an interest but rarely, sg wang is over rated. looked everywhere for an anime fan shop, none, disappointed.

den went over to low yat in search of gigantic authentic okonomiyaki but apparently it was closed down, we settle for Shijikaya, sounds jap ei? but its crap as well, its malay owned i think but they try hard make japanese style, i had chicken nuggets what was called fried chicken karage, how lame was that.

after that not so satisfactory tea break we were off to watch a movie , but it was full so we skipped in times square a bit more and went on back to sentral and to petaling street ^^, it was the first time steph went there, dodgy as ever , the cheapest things at the highest prices, but i heard a lot of ang moh talking down the prices, they must have heard about us. haha. went to the hiro comic shop at the middle of the street, they were on freaking comic sales, selling comic sets at really low price, the old ones are even rm 1 each. got to go there again with someone passionate . haha.i mean some one who wants to collect those comics set by set ^^

so we loiter around for a bit more den went kenny rogers for a light dinner. it was just ok. but i don tink i will be goin to kenny's again for a bit, not up to standard already ( stupid inexperience franchisor)

den we were on our back to kelana jaya station where steph's brother picked her up .

that marks the end of our super fun time ^^.

BUT HOLD ON. i still have something on, yes it was the NIKE 10k run event in KL. i volunteered for that event. so off i went on the lrt again to meet up with my friend to go for the event together. but that would be part two. ^^.

ps: i m still havin trouble with the internet. so the pictures will be up later at a different post. stay in touch for prt 2, the nike run . good times as well

taipau ^^

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