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Monday, October 25, 2010

Facilitation week

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i was invited by a soft skill trainer to assist him to co facilitate for a two day leadership programme organize by UTAR for its presidents of many clubs.

it's quite a good oppurtunity for these future leaders to learn about many diff methods in becoming a leader.

my job was to assist with the activities being held however it then took a step up and i was to give out my own opinions and guidance to these people as well. haha. well it was certainly a good experience for me, and the trainer was pleased with my performance and how i executed them , the words i said where precisely wat he wanted to get through. Impressed with what i could achieve he insisted that i were to go over to his company to work. TheBrandLaureate. this could well be my goal in life . the trainer himself is the GM for the branding department.

here are some of the pictures of some of the simple yet meaningful games that were executed throughout the two day training course

the activities that were played during the course include the balloon train, cooking the egg, project management,watermelon eating, midnight candle, trust circle and a few more others.

each of these activities were designed to help the participants under what it takes to be a leader and what are the things that they will face when they are leaders

the participants actively participated in the activities showing teamwork leadership as well as great effort to achieve the goal created for the activities.

in the end , the understood that a leader has to always listen, facilitate, make decisions and such that woudl unite a team or an organization. handling the great stress that comes along with it.

Taipau:"A leader must also have the passion of his work to passed on his/her legacy to others in order to form a system that would change society"

taipau ^^

1 comment :

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