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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Look Scarf

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hi fellow readers, i m here today to introduce to you the most convenient accessory to add to your fashion closet.

its easy to use
its made of 100%
and it protects your privacy

introducing the privacy scarf
 with tis product , u would never worry bout 

1. reading porn in public
2.watching porn in public
3.playing erotic dating sims in public
4.texting ur ex wife when ur girlfriend is around
5.look people in the eye when their talking to you

with this great new design, u get to experience a world like never before.

NOW , u can go to subways, parks or even in the office without worrying about any busybodies

BECAUSE, privacy scarf is design to block every line of sight known to man and provides great warmth to your face as well

so get one now! 

with the price of Rm 1, u will also get shipping fees free of charge, thats the best deal u get in months. 

so don think with ur mind, think with ur heart and do whats right for your privacy

privacy scarf

~ scarf of life~

disclaimer: any damage done to the owner with the cause being accusation of watching porn in public,getting robbed, or any other rare accidents such as car crash or falling down will not be guaranteed by the company thank you


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