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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the legends of the guardian of resident evil after life and taking a step up

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yesterday gone on a awesome full date with dearest stephanie and aside from the snacking and shopping, we watched 3 movie yesterday one at one utama and another 2 at sunway pyramid. and yes its kinda obvious which seats better. haha . GSC wins hands down.

so tis is gonna be kinda long here goes

first stop resident evil

Movie in a glimpse:
The movie is a continuation of the franchise movie resident evil, being the fourth it is set after the events where alice finds out about her clones. so now fleeing from area to area she looks for survivors and tries not to give up hope.

My talks:
Not being a fan of the movie series , the first 3 movies is a bit more entertaining then tis one though the effects were quite and only QUITE interesting the whole movie was like a merry go round ride.slow and repetitive.nothing in the movie interest at all at tis point, not the stunts not the zombies.and i also feel that i had an overdose of bullet time which probably took out ten minutes from the film

Best part:
The gun armory

Stamped and mailed:
The whole movie is probably a delight to many action goers or fanatics or slow motion shooting and zombie flicks but as a fan of those myself i find it stale and boring now .

The part that pissed me off the most:

the butcher from RE4

Executioner? from silent hill

i dunno a bout u guys but i see some resemblance here

Next stop , step up 3

Movie in a glimpse:
Luke(Rick Malambri) is a dance fanatic with dancing running in his blood , taking many dancers from the streets who shares the same passion and no place to stay, and now their only place to dance (their home studio) is threaten for closure due to like 5 months unpaid rentals.Now they need to enter the world jam dance competion to win 100k to get it back. finding moose and natalie as the new dancers that were talented enuf to lead them to the champion.

My talk:
Well, honestly speaking i guess when u see one dance movie u seen them all.the same try to inspire dreams and hope concept is there , i cant say i hate that concept, its overused but it still works to inspire some people, when the story is old the only thing that can make up for it . IS of course the dance moves and choreography. impressive stunts and moves and it has its fair share of visual effects mixed in, the cinematography was really well.

Best parts
The training ground
The pirate nest
The gwai water battle
The ending battle

Stamped and mailed:
An entertaining movie to watch which slick moves and stunts,if u are down on ur luck and feel like losing passion for wat u interest in  this will probably help u burn that passion fire up again. A nice movie to watch, even with your family.

The part that pissed me off:
nah, there werent any.

Final stop,*phew*
The legends of the guardians and the owls of Ga'hoole

Movie in a glimpse
A young owl seeking adventure hearing stories of its ancestors from his father, a legendary battle and such, then he himself is pushed into the adventure he seeks, but with adventure there is always danger. The story is much like tis . Story shows how a young and eager owl sees the world in a different point when he soon realise he must save his civilisation.

My talk:
The visual effects for this one is stunning to me, there were several scenes which would make audience filled with much emotion for the effects it self .But the story coming from 3 books didnt impress me much because it feels normal and the truth is~ it only worked because its owls we are talking about and its animation.If the story were humans then it felt much like Lotr meet avatar know? an impressive movie for the effects but the story is straight forward most likely its because its a kids show but many older audience will enjoy it as well. and much to my delight they didnt try to push in a bit of romance in it. haha

Best parts:
The baggywrinkles flight

Stamped and mailed
A movie for the whole family to watch . nothing can be said. its an entertaining effect roller coaster ride and much better den Re4 effects .LOL

The part that i find amusing
Notice how all the owls have cool names? Eglantine, Soren, Lyze of kiel,Gylfie,Otulissa etc, but then! the main villian is called wat? metal break? thats just weak. haha

wow thats about it.
well i m not a good movie reviewer, not a pro just amatuer level. so for a better info on Re4 and  the legends of the guardians check out my buddies blog.

and here is my gf^^


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