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Saturday, September 4, 2010

king of fail

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now, i used to played this game a lot when i was young , mastering all the combos and shit was one heck of a big hassle but it was one of the things that were in at my age along with street fighters and such.

now here is the synopsis*ugh*

since i downloaded this movie over the internet about 3 hours ago , it was oni out in the us i think . or mayb it was straight to dvd . 

The whole story revolves around CIA undercover agent / King Of fighters participant (Maggie Q) who was under the mission to uncover a so called underground syndicate for fighting, the fighters are plugged in to a bluetooth earpiece to be transported into another world/dimension to fight.
This was made possible by ancient relics of different clans who fought in tournaments in the past as well, den some dude decides he wants to use the power to summon a great demonic power to rule the dimensions and fusing it with the original wan.

taipau: i watched chun li( disaster),tekken(crap),dragon ball(utter bullshit) and thought maybe they would have improve since these movies were quite close together so mayb KoF wouldnt be THAT disappointing , but iwas wrong, so dead wrong

For starters the whole script was so badly written , the actors felt like they were reading through cue cards at the set, LITERALLY. and the casting was again a total shit. for those who don play the game, KoF is a multiracial fighting game which we have fighters from everywhere, americans, japanese, thai, European and such, so besides the whole japanese character must be Caucasian shit, they could at list fing decent people that actually look like the blardy characters. for instance Terry Bogard in the game is buffed and tall, whilst in the movie his some scrawny CIA agent.(i had the urge to stop when  i knew a bout tis)

The camera work felt like they were using narrow angled cameras the whole time. everyone was so dam closed up ALL THE TIME, even when they fight!it is suffocating

The music felt cliche, 

The effects at first sight felt cool, den after a second time u realized their just trying to trick u into thinking it looks good.the video game itself was famous for its maximum combo moves that each character can execute
so they tried to follow suit but failed, all we had was flaming fist and electric barriers. 

its a good thing i didnt watch it at the cinema. 

so in a nutshell

script and dialogue : fail
casting: fail
acting: fail
camera,fx,bgm: fail
fight scene: it could have been good if not for editing and camera so it failed as well

if someone told me they liked the movie, chances are the loved chun li and the gang as well.

i give tis movie

best scene:i cant think of any

worst scene: from beginning to end, especially the CIA crap


nope, i tried to give maggie Q a chance, but she was the oni better actress there, and she shouldnt even be in the movie. Mai got HUGE JUGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

here is the trailer for protocol reasons 

i just watch tis trailer , after i watched the movie. and i lol-ed so hard.

and den i got tis one. where the director and actors/actresses commented . listen carefully


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