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Saturday, September 11, 2010

kampar work day

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 went to help ice sharks' owner with a cultural charity night event. (ice shark is a dessert shop in kampar)

    it was by the jing wu wushu society of kampar. basicly wat we did was the pass out the food to people who bought coupons to attend tis event.We gathered at 5pm at the shop den started moving things to the venue. it wasnt a buffet style thing, u are free to choose wat u wan to eat from the dishes we had but its not all u can eat.
the event wasnt big, but it had a variety of wu shu performances by secondary kids. some seemed a bit unripe for it but at least they tried. some were quite good. they need a lot more practice.A lot of funny things happens . aunties and uncles took 90% of the attendees and aunties and uncles are soooooo auntyish and uncleyish. haha. the organizers are all probably retirees as well. and they nag and nag and nag. haha but it was a fun night working with pang chong ,ah lun and ah lum and of course the shop owner. haha
here are some pics ,didnt had time to snap much cause we were scooping food for them none stop.

it was good night, we wrapped up about 10.30pm, den when we went back to home base a.k.a. the shop, we stayed to helped out because they were short handed.


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