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Monday, September 13, 2010


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someone told me another day,
"didnt u wish u had studied harder for ur SPM?"
"didnt u wish u went to Catholic instead of samad?"
"didnt u wish u joined something more productive like the maths club"
"didnt u wish u chose a diff uni besides Utar"
"didnt u wish u chose a different course since kampar is so boring"

so i told him, with a calm voice.

" i never regreted any of this, of course i felt sad and pain when things went wrong, and through out those times i felt oni brief moments of happiness. but i also understand during those times, we take the good with the bad, and throughout those hardship, i consider them to be irreplaceable moments of my life. the pain the sufferings and sometimes the fun, everyone was there with me, there were friends all around me. the things i learn the knowledge i acquired was all there thanks to the support of everyone around. regret and feeling that i m unlucky? i consider my self pretty lucky , to have seen it all happen around me, the happenings that we should have called life yet some people curse it and do not decide to embrace it"

i have come to understand that i have irreplaceable things in my life.
things that my heart knows that it cant be changed

my family
my friends
my skills
my knowledge
my experience
my moments of despair
my moments of happiness
my failures
my victories
my pain
my time
my choices
and of course my dear sweet love. THM

things that have formed me, i didnt made myself to be who i am today, THOSE DID, and regretting those that has happen to me to form me would really be the most regretful thing u would be doing.

i cherish every moment i had with anyone, with anything.

and den i smiled to him and said

"if u stay here and tell me to regret what i have been through and the choices or things that happened,.then i would just consider u as another moment, and i know that i will not make the same mistake YOU did in this conversation. the lack of ability to embrace reality and form dreams."

u mold urself


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