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Monday, September 20, 2010

cross time

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each person has their own time, their own birth, their own death
each person has another time, which they share and cross with each other.

privacy and fellowship

the past and the present and the future to come

we look and think of the past,
oni to see the stupid things we have done
we look at ourselves present
oni to learn  that we did not learn much from our past mistakes

failed exams and money spent.
broken hearts and damaged bonds.

"what if" we would always say

and could we have changed it.

we cross times more den once, with each other and with ourselves. chances to mend chances to repent.

yet sometimes we decided not to. we move on

could we have a brighter future
would our previous endeavors guide us past crucial times in our lives
oni if we took life into our own hands and mold it to our future , can there be true future

what u do say and feel, will open paths to endless worlds and times. we do not choose them, we simply make them.
anything goes
anything goes
just go with the flow.


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