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Sunday, July 25, 2010

this is the story of a boy

this is the story of a boy, why cried the river and drown the whole world

looking seems so far and near.
he look at the palm of his hands and didnt noe to smile or cry.
the broken pieces stood at the foot of his bed, the ones he threw shattered.

desperately searching for something to call himself. he took nothing for granted yet he didnt see anything
he dint see anything tat fits him.

people around him change, he didnt chg with them. he took his stand
a conventional stand.
he couldnt not see the problem, yet his heart felt like it was at the cliffhanger. his emotion run wild
he bit his arms he threw thing little things around.
his mind went balistic. walking up and down the room he was in. he dropped on the bed

he dint fit in the puzzle of his own life.
he couldnt see what his emotions was telling him.
blurred and confused at the pressure around him.
he tried to voice out. a gentle scream escaped into the dark skies ahead.
nv to be heard , he tried to kept that voice deep again.
sorrow didnt mean a thing to him anymore
he just wants to noe
what is it that he should do.
he closed his eyes. all he see are mist that would nv clear .
he took life in command yet life didnt seem to care. it just went its own way.

angry and furious as he was. he was oni confronted by more frustation from in front
there was no comfort of the blankets . there was no warm touch into the heart.
his efforts is a waste.
the more he thinks the more he speaks
he noes well, he will oni be rebutted by the things he has heard so many times.
he didnt need tis
but yet it seems like the oni result he will get

surrounded by darkness
he took his face and slammed it on the good ol' concrete
pain seered his own body. but yet it dint help
he knew. soon. he would be caught and left in the darkness again.
and so . for now. until the story of the boy continues.
he whimpers at the dark corners he is known to keep quiet in.
and yet again. cry silently as there would be no solution for it
none wat so ever.


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