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Sunday, August 1, 2010

salt , sugar and spice. neh~

If u ask me.i think this movie is below normal

its not even worth reviewing seriously.

my thoughts on the movie

it tries too hard to confuse you but its just vy simple

Salt was to be kick ass like hardcore take down the world kick ass but the action sequences didnt impress me one bit. and the ending felt like they wanna make a no2. which i would not recommend

its 1/5 . 

with so many movies coming out, being normal isnt a target anymore. normal= give face to actors in it and not saying it sucks.

there are many movies coming out soon which i feel like watching. 
some to see whether its good and some for the fun of it.

The expendables-cause its a macho man duke out
Grown ups- cause its adam sandler
Step up 3- cause its dancing in 3d
Vampire sucks-cause i hate twilight
King Of fighters- cause its KoF and it promises great fight sequences , i hope
Piranha- cause its a 3d beast film just wanna see if it could be good
Resident evil 4: afterlife- cause the trailers seems like shit
wall street-money never sleeps- it seems intelligent and dark
the other guys- cause just for fun
Phua chu Kang- cause its gurmit and its pck
The social network- cause its a bout facebook

some i would wan it in the cinemas , some i would just wanna watch the download version.
but  i have a feeling i wouldnt wanna watch it in the cinema since hui min will be watching with her friends. takes out some of the hype of it

such as inception, the book of eli and one other movie i forgot. sigh. oh well. screw it

haha. i m still a moviegoer



Unknown said...

i rated it slightly higher also kena bashed by ppl. cant understand how ppl could enjoy this crap

benjaminvai said...

haha i saw. mmg sampah the show

Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

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