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Saturday, July 24, 2010


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wat ever it may seem, i refused reality so much that it seem so fruitless
as i reach to go crazy in so many situation, my sub conscious wants me to say sane,
some that would oni come to mind. because i have the responsibility to do so.

sometimes i seems bright
other times dark and endless
despair and joy,
twisted in a cross world.
a bleak sight of sanity comes between
splitting happiness and sorrow.

yet the oni evil in ones heart is WORRY
the sense of losing ,
of missing
or death even

the future clouded, like a fog so thick
each step i take i see a part of it as it becomes present
and no matter how much u think, no matter how much u try. u cant see it
live today like there is no tomorrow,
how i wish it was so simple to me, how i wish i could be so naive again
i strive for acknowledgement, but yet i m nv serious about it. many things i could have done,
but i wait and i bide. till one day i would unfold a piece of my future that will shine towards eternity.

waiting, i sat on the edge of the cliff of life. waiting to drop and splash into the colors that would await me.
but now is not the time. i live for today

let it be loneliness
let it be sorrow
let it be smiles and laughter
let it be cries and whimpers


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