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Monday, July 2, 2012

Awesome illustrations by Shirow Miwa

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Stumbled upon this blogpost dated two years back so I thought i should reedit this one because it has some pretty interesting artwork that should be shown :) 14/07/2010.

Decided to bring it forward to present day. 02/07/2012

Shirow Miwa is an illustrator most famous for his work in the 4 episode anime Dogs Carnage Bullet, he does his own interpretation of characters of other animes which i find the design very interesting and eye catching.

Really like how the 3 shades of colour already made this illustration look complete. 

A personal fan of the anime series.

Haha, suka saja cause this one beautiful. Not really a vocaloid fan at the moment.

If I have 20% of these artistic skils oso i happy loooor T.T

Practice ar? hmmm maybe I should.

1 comment :

Calvin said...

practice makes perfect. ^^

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