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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

try hard blogging.

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its pretty darn hard to blog at the workplace. i m just bored as the first fifteen minute of work is always like dat , den its chaos for the next 8-10 hours. haha

i m not sure how is it gonna be like anytime soon. its already been week 4 . but there is something wrong with the workplace but i cant put my finger on it. oh well. everything is still ok now.

soft skill department isnt bad. specially the training programmes. i like those more den the usual office work and class presentation. those are too repetitive . i m gonna go for a more outgoing and interactive work next time.

9 more weeks. but i don wanna count. it will be hella slow.

its always nice to stay a student. most of us who worked knows that.
assignments and exam are noting compared to cramped busy workplace life but tony's gameflier job don count for shits.

i think kampar is becoming kinda crowded. still don understand why there is a need for so many dam cars to be brought in. and the students are just packing every dam shop here.

here is a fact

utar kampar first enrollment was at 2007 may and had 410

now 2010 utar kampar has 12000 student in just 3 years.

why people crowd here i m clueless because the forums are doin a good job messing with utars street cred anyway. haha.

so i've been trying to post tis for 2 hours now. which is way too long cause i m busy.

haha. anyway i will be aiming more on a kampar life and times topic with occasional sub topics. tq

taipau! ^^

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