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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

day off. rest time

got a day off from work today,
so i lazed around at home.

doin absolutely nothing
and tis post is quite random

all is well ATM,
nothing is wrong for now,
today is today
tomorrow is tomorrow

well i watch A team the other day. and it was fun. haha not gonna write a review on it cause its just fun
so go watch it urselves

i did catch the germany vs england game , england got thrashed. kesian

and was quite sad when japan got whooped at penalty yesterday.

so now i m rooting for spain and argentina. and if paraguay or holland ever got past i m sure to support them

so ends my randomly timed post.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

toy story , nostalgia

Hmm , i didnt have much hype over tis sequel, and yet it wasn’t disappointing at all. The screen/script writers for toy story are showing a lot of commitment in this movie. Pixar producers are still top notch since toy story 1, and of course UP was also their baby. so i sincerely apologize for underestimating it, cause shrek sucks after the first one. and it has been a pretty normal thing for sequels to suck.

When I was watching the movie I felt a lot of nostalgia goin on. There it was andy all grown up , and during toy story 1 and 2 he was just a little boy just like how I was , not a care in the world. So toy story gave me a feeling that it was something that I grew up with. Pixar probably felt the same as it was their first movie they produced and the world first fully animated 3d film.

Toy story 3 was different from my point of view and many as well. Because unlike shrek or other animated sequels it stuck to its root core laughs. Toy story didn’t go beyond its boundaries of child humor, it didn’t add in mature jokes or lame toilet humor, they used the same child humor they always used and it still gave us a good laugh or two.

With the addition of new toys and a lot more whatdayasay? Toy action? Its certainly a nostalgic yet exciting new adventure.although the story felt cliche at a few moments but it was fresh to see how the toys were able to use each others strength to accomplish things again and again.

I am not gonna talk much on this anymore because I m beginning to sound like a fan boy, but just to clear things up, as much as I liked toy story 1 & 2 , when it was announce that 3 is out, I was excited about at all and went to watch it with an empty heart. Haha

although tis isnt a full review i shall give my rating anyways
4/5 stars and if i push it it could go another .5


ripples rip off

No comments :

i have no idea
i have no idea at all as to why they would wanna copy tis.
its exactly the same design.same colour and even the label design is the same.

i m not even gonna tell wats the original brand if u dunno..
this is is call ripples cloudy citrus, the original taste, caffeine free.
heck even the tagline is same.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

try hard blogging.

1 comment :
its pretty darn hard to blog at the workplace. i m just bored as the first fifteen minute of work is always like dat , den its chaos for the next 8-10 hours. haha

i m not sure how is it gonna be like anytime soon. its already been week 4 . but there is something wrong with the workplace but i cant put my finger on it. oh well. everything is still ok now.

soft skill department isnt bad. specially the training programmes. i like those more den the usual office work and class presentation. those are too repetitive . i m gonna go for a more outgoing and interactive work next time.

9 more weeks. but i don wanna count. it will be hella slow.

its always nice to stay a student. most of us who worked knows that.
assignments and exam are noting compared to cramped busy workplace life but tony's gameflier job don count for shits.

i think kampar is becoming kinda crowded. still don understand why there is a need for so many dam cars to be brought in. and the students are just packing every dam shop here.

here is a fact

utar kampar first enrollment was at 2007 may and had 410

now 2010 utar kampar has 12000 student in just 3 years.

why people crowd here i m clueless because the forums are doin a good job messing with utars street cred anyway. haha.

so i've been trying to post tis for 2 hours now. which is way too long cause i m busy.

haha. anyway i will be aiming more on a kampar life and times topic with occasional sub topics. tq

taipau! ^^

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