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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

that looming one week sem break~cant freaking wait!

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most of the time i hardly see my self wanting to go back so much, haha. homesick? not really. just that i really need go back, its not like i enjoy it there, i just wanna see the changes. i don wan to be that guy who leaves home for 3 years and finds out one u has been demolished ya know?

hmmm. recently been quite glued on an online game. not glued, mayb something to do on my sparetimes? i m not gonna say wat game it is. its not those money using ones though. i m not that sick yet.~

so i realize, building character comes in real life as well

so in a game u hav certain stats u can increase through leveling and u earn skills and bonuses .

a general version of such stats are

Strength= str






i m not gonna go in detail bout what it does IN GAME cause thats not my point.

so it relates to real life as u can see. makes me wonder how much i ahv grown this pass few out of humiliation i decided to stat my self up and here is how it went

str= 85

agi= 50



int= 75

luk= 30

100 is the max stat here , so i guess i m pretty strong, i m not speedy but still fast moving around the place, i finish my work fast and neat, i don get sick often almost none at all . i m not STUPID. and i m lucky enuf to hav at least one question in my exam that i look through during my lame stuying habits

but who am i kidding, life isnt like that, life is ever changin, we cope with so many things, the weather, the environment, people, family, lovers, studies, work, we cope with life as we know it

Darwin's evolution theory might be right in many ways, about adapting and changing . its about how many thousands years since we saw evolution?i dunno. if we are goin to evolve i hope we do fast. cause kids are getting weaker. they need gyms to power them up. and i doubt we are actually evolving physically anymore.we just become lazier and lazier.

i guess as much i dislike the thoughts of polution or high tech machineries i m a hypocrite of myself, i cant live without internet, phones and tv shows. air conds i can manage but not my laptop and internet.

and i KNOW , I KNOW! that one day , when time traveling was ready. my future self will come and bitch slap my ass for destroying pandas and tigers.

motto's of today

save the environment
stop global warming
protect mother nature.

are all ideas generated by people who gives a shit.

normal people like u and i, do our part in making ourselves feel good

so when will the day come where it actually happens?

2012 says we are screwed before global warming screw us

its my own thoery, global warming isnt gonna wipe us out, it kills us slowly, but 2012 by the mayans states that e will hav chaose so the earth is like a ticking time bomb.

onli one thing i m goi to say now

"we fucked with earth way too long"


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hui min said...

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