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Monday, May 17, 2010

sunDAY~ haha

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its finally blue light again on the maxis broadband, they bloody crap la the line consistency .

so today was freaking busy again, wake up morning go eat dim sum wit mum and bro at sungai buloh there, needed to buy train ticket back to kampar . so eat there oso not relly good. but so so lo
i was hungry, so i ate half of it be4 taking a bit. paiseh

den we went curve and bought a pair of cheap slax at bbmax/rejectshop. 
moved on to one u after dat in search of cheap formal shirts

tis promotion was a bit weird la, normally they sell it at 50% so today u get extra20%, its either a typo or its a new way to attract u, its actually oni 20% off but they make u think its 70%. and den there is the "3 day spesial" it cant be bm literal translation cause the put day in front. 

tis the random samsung exhibition.. sales of plasma and electronics are at its best in the middle of the year. 

and who the hell made leather shoes so fricken expensive, i mean who said that these shoes should be expensive just because its designer labels, fucken brands. i cant even get a cheap wan each cost at least rm150. i cant get the cheap ones cause my feet are dam big. size 12. they oni make size 11 at best with small ass cutting. fark leather formal shoes man.

here comes the most interesting part of the day, the chinese herb med shop at LG one u. 
tis chinese herbs and delicacies kill man. the incinerate ur wallet and ur fortknox bank account.

see these jars, i m not gonna talk bout all of them, but in the middle row are the abalones. 
the cheapest abalone cost rm 1200+- for 100 gram and rm 8000+- for 600 gram.
the most expensive cost about rm 92000 for 600 gram. yes its rm92k. for about 2 and a half piece of abalone.

look at the rock collection. they look so normal , the top one is the side view and below is the overall view. nicely arranged rite? stones on a stick.well they arent exactly stones.

they are actually porcupine bezoars. a stone like thing found in a porcupine. sort like a porcupines shit that didnt come out. it is form when the porcupine eats medicinal herbs all the time(its their diet) so yea cool huh? it helps with cancer, fever, and some other illness i couldnt remember/

so whats the problem, life healing stones. well the picture here is a bit blur u see? cause of the glass blocking and my 2mp camera. . well the biggest bezoar u see up there which is the size a small red bean bun costs a whooping rm 396000. yes thats around rm 400 k. the smallest one is 13k..

bloody rm 400 k. thats a house and a car.

i m speechless. if buying tis helps save my dying life i think would rather choose death. blood hell, rm 400 k. and the effects are not yet determined or even proven. zzzz

oh well den we went on to visit one of my baby nephew alex.


haha cute ^^..

and den i saw tis on the newspaper.

apparently the global internet group or something help tested the broadband speed of digi celcom maxis and u mobile and maxis won. thats utter bullshit. mine sucks.
so does everyone else.
shameless ad.

haha till nextday

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