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Sunday, May 16, 2010

sat ur day

woke up early in the morning, hop on to the avanza and we were off to my grandpa's house in rawang . its a vy secluded part of rawang called serendah, usually when i visit there i get to bring some mosquito bites back with me. LoL. i like havin breakfast here. they sell my favourite style of dry noodles. ^^

thats my favourite stall, the old master Q stall. lol. i don usually eat these chili but i just thought u wont see one huge bowl of it often  ^^

den after we left rawang , went to visit my cousin gin who just gave birth to her baby girl.

2nd new born of the family in five days. haha. pwnage~

after the visit went to this new neighbourhood mall outside my house. SUNWAY GIZA. its quite trendy and classy sort of like a compact curve with a touch of cold storage

The pictures are a bit blur cause its from my k530i. haha. but still see able i guess , theres this fruit stall in the middle of the concourse . the price isnt too expensive and all the fruits are fresh


yea , den we ate dinner and went home. haha i think i m starting to develop a habit to take pictures. hmm. 



cheahwey said...

how are the dry noodles like? I love dry noodles.. never quite fancied soup noodles.

benjaminvai said...

well. its ur basic darksauce with garlic fried old and pepper. u just mix it up and it becomes dark,

but there are a lot of types, not just the yellow ones or bihun, got kuey tiow, loh see fun, thick bihun, yee mee, emperor noodle, un lyed yellow me, the hokkien me type, the longevity noodles as wel as wantan mee ,spinach noodle and such

then u get to mix and maatch ur favourite erm side dishes? from the usual char siew, wan tan(sup or friend), siu yoke, curry chicken, mushroom sauce, chicken feet with mushroom, assorted choice of yong taufu like product,rendang,minced pork. and sometimes if lucky got the lap cheong oso. haha

Nic said...

ha..that's money back guarantee fruit stall..sometimes after class i go there with my fren for the tea time set and certain restaurant :P

Nic said...

* certain restaurant :)

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