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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

power of aunties and the jcard member day , not to be messed with imba of the highest lvl.

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well woke up 8 today to follow my mom go one u, its j card day.

the good news it they seem to be always trying to improve customer experience and convenience ^^ which is a good thing. shows that they actually put effort in maintaining their customers.

there is one thing that i always like about JUSCO, its from japan! haha although they have adopted a localization method appraoch but i m still fond of it being a japan company, i m  a sucker for all things japan (except for a small variety of things )

In case u guys don noe, j card member day is a jusco oni sales day that the date differs  from each location. and the discounts can go up to 70% and various other on tis day, aunties from all over the area flock to the location and start their spending spree venture racking up hundreds worth of mechandise. so i m gonna share some pics . pls note that the pics taken are onli the first hour or so of the jusco day which started at 9. due to vy good feedbacks it has now become a two day sales.

 as u can see , discounts are everywhere 

there are even live demos of products like the night market

these guards were enjoy the crowd, u need to flash ur j card to go in the market area

this is the coupon redemption area. every rm 100 spent u get to redeem a rm 10 cash voucher

there are ambulance standing like this one around the area

these pictures were taking from 9.00-10am.

the car parks were already full and people were circling to find empty lots
i think about now its goin to be flooded and even more so during the evenings. total gg-ness.
and the scariest thing was when i was here its all aunties taking up 90% 


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