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Friday, May 14, 2010

life and lines

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by lines i mean the stupid maxix broadband lines, its so slow, its evil. beh tahan . next year when i graduate , i m getting streamyx. its still best choice around. though slow sometimes . but it beats tis suck ass rm68 a month with 3gb limit shit anytime , anyhow.

so back to life, well. i don hav one in pj. its lost.thats why prefer kampar. one more year before i come back i re-establish one. bball court is an hour away, nth else to do but dota and dota. which i m not pretty addicted aatm.

the line is so slow i cant download my 30 rock s2,3,4. .

my weekly anime dosage is unavailable now

i cant even facebook properly

noteself: get another terabyte or 2, and spam comedies into it.

i dunno what to do in pj, no one is around, bernard they all should be busy don wan bother them, not like i hav much cash anyway, still need to get shirt and shoes for my intern.

yes yes, my internship at utar kampar softskill, pls ppl. its MY CHOICE. i wasnt force too. so stop looking at me with pityful eyes. i noe u all are goin to ur big ass company. well fyi, i m gonna learn as much as u do as well. so stop it. i had a choice and i picked utar. haha

min is  goin korea. hope she enjoys her self there. safety trip babes

i gotta think of something to do for the next few days before i rot again. hope the line actually improves later on. my mind is screaming for bandwidth maximus. !!

oh well. thats enuf rubbish for now.

just wanna wish all those who are goin for intern next sem good luck, and do hav a positive attitude towards things.


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