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Saturday, May 15, 2010

hidup ku

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tis the first official day i hav for sem break.

didnt do much. woke up in the morning.

maxis broadband was crap.

didnt do much, ate lunch. steamed chicken marinated with black pepper seeds(my personal specialty) and fried spinach with garlic.

den sat on my bed, cant do much. line so bad , it made my tortoise seemed like the flash.

so i whipped out my 1terabyte and watched the entire collection of Slam dunk anime(skipping the story arcs in the middle and just watching the games) no matter how it is. it is still pretty much amazing and made me all goose bumpish. haha

i wish i had 30 rock s2,3,4 though.

so mom came back later for dinner. we went out to makan, i ate claypot mee sua spicy deluxe. haha it was ok.

den we went giant . and i encountered a perfect example of one of my lectures in brand management classes .

brand vs product

the lecture was that its easy to copy a product, but its not so easy to copy the brand. brand has more value
a product is onli on the surface, a brand consist of loyalty and trust.


then tis is the small christmas/fern tree at the ground floor of my apartment. haha


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