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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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i think my past haunts me

it creeps around , lurking at the deepest corners of my mine, it pounces at me at my most vulnerable moments,

my dreams , they frequent on and off, of images that i can vaguely remember yet when i wake up the pressure on my chest the beating of my heart wouldnt slow down.

i didnt kill, nor i committed any crime, perhaps i felt ignorant, i felt responsible for anything that went wrong, things that i wish to bury but yet it comes out whenever i felt secure.

like a tiger waiting for its prey, memories undesired seek refuge within my mind, reminding me of things that i shouldnt hav done , or should hav stopped.

not drugs, not alcohol , no addiction, it was just me, i had to stop my self.

i hav to chg

there will be no me if i stay the same

my dreams are far, i oni wish to come within arms reachs.

to reach the palm of my hand , and grab on to it.


1 comment :

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