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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fond memories

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i was about to sleep, den my internet line was suddenly smooth again, so i thought i just blogged about what i m thinking.

basically , i remember a lot of my friends, some the little bits and some the big bits

i hav a strong memory, or mayb just a busybody wan

i remember awkward moments of some friends

some funny moments we shared

nostalgic feelings .

well i realize somethings these pass few days, i m not old yet, i m oni what 22? so much more to do, so much more to aim for, there are still chance to achieve hopes and dreams its not about money or future securities.

i feel that dreams, passion and hope brings u stronger, brings u forward.

many older people, they tell u to stop dreaming, u need a stable course, a stable plan.

but, mayb its just that they didnt strive or achieved their dreams.

i think i should put in more effort instead of thinking out a better more secure alternative.

gotta hit the bed now. nitez


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