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Friday, May 21, 2010

open hearts

closed eyes

a gust of wind

reached out wide open arms

open your eyes

embrace the wind

walk on the thorny path of dreams.

by, benjamin 

Fond memories

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i was about to sleep, den my internet line was suddenly smooth again, so i thought i just blogged about what i m thinking.

basically , i remember a lot of my friends, some the little bits and some the big bits

i hav a strong memory, or mayb just a busybody wan

i remember awkward moments of some friends

some funny moments we shared

nostalgic feelings .

well i realize somethings these pass few days, i m not old yet, i m oni what 22? so much more to do, so much more to aim for, there are still chance to achieve hopes and dreams its not about money or future securities.

i feel that dreams, passion and hope brings u stronger, brings u forward.

many older people, they tell u to stop dreaming, u need a stable course, a stable plan.

but, mayb its just that they didnt strive or achieved their dreams.

i think i should put in more effort instead of thinking out a better more secure alternative.

gotta hit the bed now. nitez


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

power of aunties and the jcard member day , not to be messed with imba of the highest lvl.

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well woke up 8 today to follow my mom go one u, its j card day.

the good news it they seem to be always trying to improve customer experience and convenience ^^ which is a good thing. shows that they actually put effort in maintaining their customers.

there is one thing that i always like about JUSCO, its from japan! haha although they have adopted a localization method appraoch but i m still fond of it being a japan company, i m  a sucker for all things japan (except for a small variety of things )

In case u guys don noe, j card member day is a jusco oni sales day that the date differs  from each location. and the discounts can go up to 70% and various other on tis day, aunties from all over the area flock to the location and start their spending spree venture racking up hundreds worth of mechandise. so i m gonna share some pics . pls note that the pics taken are onli the first hour or so of the jusco day which started at 9. due to vy good feedbacks it has now become a two day sales.

 as u can see , discounts are everywhere 

there are even live demos of products like the night market

these guards were enjoy the crowd, u need to flash ur j card to go in the market area

this is the coupon redemption area. every rm 100 spent u get to redeem a rm 10 cash voucher

there are ambulance standing like this one around the area

these pictures were taking from 9.00-10am.

the car parks were already full and people were circling to find empty lots
i think about now its goin to be flooded and even more so during the evenings. total gg-ness.
and the scariest thing was when i was here its all aunties taking up 90% 


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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i think my past haunts me

it creeps around , lurking at the deepest corners of my mine, it pounces at me at my most vulnerable moments,

my dreams , they frequent on and off, of images that i can vaguely remember yet when i wake up the pressure on my chest the beating of my heart wouldnt slow down.

i didnt kill, nor i committed any crime, perhaps i felt ignorant, i felt responsible for anything that went wrong, things that i wish to bury but yet it comes out whenever i felt secure.

like a tiger waiting for its prey, memories undesired seek refuge within my mind, reminding me of things that i shouldnt hav done , or should hav stopped.

not drugs, not alcohol , no addiction, it was just me, i had to stop my self.

i hav to chg

there will be no me if i stay the same

my dreams are far, i oni wish to come within arms reachs.

to reach the palm of my hand , and grab on to it.


Monday, May 17, 2010


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where has it gone?  i feel like i m alone in tis world.

everyone is just lazy, they just go on with their lives. wheres the passion

no longer they play basketball

no longer we talk bout the things we love.

no longer we walk the same path we used to

no longer we do the things we love.


sunDAY~ haha

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its finally blue light again on the maxis broadband, they bloody crap la the line consistency .

so today was freaking busy again, wake up morning go eat dim sum wit mum and bro at sungai buloh there, needed to buy train ticket back to kampar . so eat there oso not relly good. but so so lo
i was hungry, so i ate half of it be4 taking a bit. paiseh

den we went curve and bought a pair of cheap slax at bbmax/rejectshop. 
moved on to one u after dat in search of cheap formal shirts

tis promotion was a bit weird la, normally they sell it at 50% so today u get extra20%, its either a typo or its a new way to attract u, its actually oni 20% off but they make u think its 70%. and den there is the "3 day spesial" it cant be bm literal translation cause the put day in front. 

tis the random samsung exhibition.. sales of plasma and electronics are at its best in the middle of the year. 

and who the hell made leather shoes so fricken expensive, i mean who said that these shoes should be expensive just because its designer labels, fucken brands. i cant even get a cheap wan each cost at least rm150. i cant get the cheap ones cause my feet are dam big. size 12. they oni make size 11 at best with small ass cutting. fark leather formal shoes man.

here comes the most interesting part of the day, the chinese herb med shop at LG one u. 
tis chinese herbs and delicacies kill man. the incinerate ur wallet and ur fortknox bank account.

see these jars, i m not gonna talk bout all of them, but in the middle row are the abalones. 
the cheapest abalone cost rm 1200+- for 100 gram and rm 8000+- for 600 gram.
the most expensive cost about rm 92000 for 600 gram. yes its rm92k. for about 2 and a half piece of abalone.

look at the rock collection. they look so normal , the top one is the side view and below is the overall view. nicely arranged rite? stones on a stick.well they arent exactly stones.

they are actually porcupine bezoars. a stone like thing found in a porcupine. sort like a porcupines shit that didnt come out. it is form when the porcupine eats medicinal herbs all the time(its their diet) so yea cool huh? it helps with cancer, fever, and some other illness i couldnt remember/

so whats the problem, life healing stones. well the picture here is a bit blur u see? cause of the glass blocking and my 2mp camera. . well the biggest bezoar u see up there which is the size a small red bean bun costs a whooping rm 396000. yes thats around rm 400 k. the smallest one is 13k..

bloody rm 400 k. thats a house and a car.

i m speechless. if buying tis helps save my dying life i think would rather choose death. blood hell, rm 400 k. and the effects are not yet determined or even proven. zzzz

oh well den we went on to visit one of my baby nephew alex.


haha cute ^^..

and den i saw tis on the newspaper.

apparently the global internet group or something help tested the broadband speed of digi celcom maxis and u mobile and maxis won. thats utter bullshit. mine sucks.
so does everyone else.
shameless ad.

haha till nextday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

funny yet disturbing (tony and hwey would like some of it ^^)

so some might not be as funny , but some made me LOL dam hard. why not vote for ur favourite wan. haha


sat ur day

woke up early in the morning, hop on to the avanza and we were off to my grandpa's house in rawang . its a vy secluded part of rawang called serendah, usually when i visit there i get to bring some mosquito bites back with me. LoL. i like havin breakfast here. they sell my favourite style of dry noodles. ^^

thats my favourite stall, the old master Q stall. lol. i don usually eat these chili but i just thought u wont see one huge bowl of it often  ^^

den after we left rawang , went to visit my cousin gin who just gave birth to her baby girl.

2nd new born of the family in five days. haha. pwnage~

after the visit went to this new neighbourhood mall outside my house. SUNWAY GIZA. its quite trendy and classy sort of like a compact curve with a touch of cold storage

The pictures are a bit blur cause its from my k530i. haha. but still see able i guess , theres this fruit stall in the middle of the concourse . the price isnt too expensive and all the fruits are fresh


yea , den we ate dinner and went home. haha i think i m starting to develop a habit to take pictures. hmm. 


Saturday, May 15, 2010

hidup ku

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tis the first official day i hav for sem break.

didnt do much. woke up in the morning.

maxis broadband was crap.

didnt do much, ate lunch. steamed chicken marinated with black pepper seeds(my personal specialty) and fried spinach with garlic.

den sat on my bed, cant do much. line so bad , it made my tortoise seemed like the flash.

so i whipped out my 1terabyte and watched the entire collection of Slam dunk anime(skipping the story arcs in the middle and just watching the games) no matter how it is. it is still pretty much amazing and made me all goose bumpish. haha

i wish i had 30 rock s2,3,4 though.

so mom came back later for dinner. we went out to makan, i ate claypot mee sua spicy deluxe. haha it was ok.

den we went giant . and i encountered a perfect example of one of my lectures in brand management classes .

brand vs product

the lecture was that its easy to copy a product, but its not so easy to copy the brand. brand has more value
a product is onli on the surface, a brand consist of loyalty and trust.


then tis is the small christmas/fern tree at the ground floor of my apartment. haha


Friday, May 14, 2010

life and lines

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by lines i mean the stupid maxix broadband lines, its so slow, its evil. beh tahan . next year when i graduate , i m getting streamyx. its still best choice around. though slow sometimes . but it beats tis suck ass rm68 a month with 3gb limit shit anytime , anyhow.

so back to life, well. i don hav one in pj. its lost.thats why prefer kampar. one more year before i come back i re-establish one. bball court is an hour away, nth else to do but dota and dota. which i m not pretty addicted aatm.

the line is so slow i cant download my 30 rock s2,3,4. .

my weekly anime dosage is unavailable now

i cant even facebook properly

noteself: get another terabyte or 2, and spam comedies into it.

i dunno what to do in pj, no one is around, bernard they all should be busy don wan bother them, not like i hav much cash anyway, still need to get shirt and shoes for my intern.

yes yes, my internship at utar kampar softskill, pls ppl. its MY CHOICE. i wasnt force too. so stop looking at me with pityful eyes. i noe u all are goin to ur big ass company. well fyi, i m gonna learn as much as u do as well. so stop it. i had a choice and i picked utar. haha

min is  goin korea. hope she enjoys her self there. safety trip babes

i gotta think of something to do for the next few days before i rot again. hope the line actually improves later on. my mind is screaming for bandwidth maximus. !!

oh well. thats enuf rubbish for now.

just wanna wish all those who are goin for intern next sem good luck, and do hav a positive attitude towards things.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


haha , it suddenly occured to me

i was a librarian!

the vice president for that matter!!


strip of the moment~ comic strip

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no one out stealth the bat dude 

starting from the top left guy is assasin creed, followed by splinter cell, den solid snake den batman, what batman caught was a spy from team fortress

^^ have a nice day taipau!

that looming one week sem break~cant freaking wait!

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most of the time i hardly see my self wanting to go back so much, haha. homesick? not really. just that i really need go back, its not like i enjoy it there, i just wanna see the changes. i don wan to be that guy who leaves home for 3 years and finds out one u has been demolished ya know?

hmmm. recently been quite glued on an online game. not glued, mayb something to do on my sparetimes? i m not gonna say wat game it is. its not those money using ones though. i m not that sick yet.~

so i realize, building character comes in real life as well

so in a game u hav certain stats u can increase through leveling and u earn skills and bonuses .

a general version of such stats are

Strength= str






i m not gonna go in detail bout what it does IN GAME cause thats not my point.

so it relates to real life as u can see. makes me wonder how much i ahv grown this pass few out of humiliation i decided to stat my self up and here is how it went

str= 85

agi= 50



int= 75

luk= 30

100 is the max stat here , so i guess i m pretty strong, i m not speedy but still fast moving around the place, i finish my work fast and neat, i don get sick often almost none at all . i m not STUPID. and i m lucky enuf to hav at least one question in my exam that i look through during my lame stuying habits

but who am i kidding, life isnt like that, life is ever changin, we cope with so many things, the weather, the environment, people, family, lovers, studies, work, we cope with life as we know it

Darwin's evolution theory might be right in many ways, about adapting and changing . its about how many thousands years since we saw evolution?i dunno. if we are goin to evolve i hope we do fast. cause kids are getting weaker. they need gyms to power them up. and i doubt we are actually evolving physically anymore.we just become lazier and lazier.

i guess as much i dislike the thoughts of polution or high tech machineries i m a hypocrite of myself, i cant live without internet, phones and tv shows. air conds i can manage but not my laptop and internet.

and i KNOW , I KNOW! that one day , when time traveling was ready. my future self will come and bitch slap my ass for destroying pandas and tigers.

motto's of today

save the environment
stop global warming
protect mother nature.

are all ideas generated by people who gives a shit.

normal people like u and i, do our part in making ourselves feel good

so when will the day come where it actually happens?

2012 says we are screwed before global warming screw us

its my own thoery, global warming isnt gonna wipe us out, it kills us slowly, but 2012 by the mayans states that e will hav chaose so the earth is like a ticking time bomb.

onli one thing i m goi to say now

"we fucked with earth way too long"


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

new baby

here's Alex, came to this world a few hours ago, my cousin's son, which makes me cousin uncle? haha i dunno how to call myself, but i M getting old.
wish him all the health in the world

now for my part.
finals are here again. i already done 3 exams, two more to go
here are the problems

1. i hardly touch my book except few hours before hand.

2.everyone else is blowing for the finals

3. next exam, Communication research method. 13 chapters. i haven even started

i feel at ease, it turns those political stuff i wrote some time ago actually help me with my comunication theory paper. haha , the exams werent easy, they werent exactly hard as well. i think its just me, probably screwing myself over as usual for not studying. luckily. i ID go to classes. so i guess those paid off

few more days, back to kota damansara. staying for a week or so den back to kampar for my internship ^^

looking forward to that. 

well thats all for now, gonna do my last hours of studies again. 

all the best to everyone else too.



p.s. kickass is really a nice movie. ^^ hahah XD

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